Enjoy Porcupine Tree; what else?
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kwitel- You should definitely check out Amplifier's debut album. I think it'd be right up your alley. Oceansize calls them "brothers in amps." They're like a spacey Oceansize with a huge wall of sound.

tdogzthmn- King Crimson and Pink Floyd are great suggestions (although I like Wish You Were Here way more than Dark Side of the Moon.) Also check out Anekdoten, although their albums can be hard to find in America, and are expensive with import fees.
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"Doomsday Afternoon" by Phideaux

"Barbares" by Nemo

and a couple of absolute KILLER albums, IMHO, "Sleeping In Traffic" (parts 1 and 2) by Beardfish

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Originally Posted by kwitel /img/forum/go_quote.gif
With all due respect to some of the earlier posters, Muse and TMV are TERRIBLE suggestions a they are in no way, shape or form similar to PT.

I will however concur with those who have recommended some of the more classic recs:

Pink Floyd (DSOTM)
King Crimson (RED)
Rush (Moving Pictures)
Yes (Fragile)

As for more modern material, Festivus is spot on with Oceansize and Pineapple Thief. Oceansize is a seriously talented group of musicians/song-writers.

Truth is, PT is such a tremendous talent that in comparison, alot of the other modern prog might be a bit of a letdown. If you are in the mood to try some artists that are a bit darker/harder, give TOOL, Opeth and even early Dredg a listen.

I can see why those two bands would be mentioned based on their labeling as progressive although MUSE is getting closer to pop. The Mars Volta is just something altogether different and I recognize music is subjective but I can't stand them. As for Opeth, the cookie monster vocals put me off of them.

I'd definitely try out Riverside and some of the older bands mentioned.
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Mastodon- Crack The Skye
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To me, PT represents the 70's era mainstream rock. Or rather that's the impression I get. As if "70's Rock" is a genre unto itself.
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I would highly recommend you check out Ozric Tentacles. A must have for any prog rock fan.

Mark M
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Originally Posted by kwitel Truth is, PT is such a tremendous talent that in comparison, alot of the other modern prog might be a bit of a letdown. If you are in the mood to try some artists that are a bit darker/harder, give TOOL, Opeth and even early Dredg a listen.

I agree completely. Bands like Spock's Beard and Ozric tenticles may have chops but their music is direct rip offs of the prog bands of the 70's. And they fall far below PTREE.

PTree, to me, is the only major band on the scene that is really the next step in prog. I like to call the "Neo-prog." Wilson wears his influences on his sleeve but he then creates something new. Gavin must have watched and listened to Bill Bruford all the time. Barbieri is the enigma in the group as he came from the band "Japan" which is kind of out of left field. Yes, I know that Sylvian made records with FrIpp, but.......

I feel that this new love affair between Wilson and Fripp will yield even more of a 70's prog sound from PTree.

Great British Prog died when Punk was at its' height. I think PTree has rekindled that flame, God love them.
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I cannot agree more with the King Crimson sentiment. I had actually been listening to a ton of KC and a friend mentioned Porcupine Tree to me. I'd definitely check out In the Court of the Crimson King and Lark's Tongue in Aspic if nothing else. Fantastic albums.
Outside of KC, I think The Mars Volta is a good choice, mostly Deloused in the Comatorium. Amputechture and Frances the Mute were pretty good, but I thought that Bedlam in Goliath was mediocre at best. I also agree with the Tool sentiment, Lateralus is my personal favorite CD of theirs.
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I totally agree with the King Crimson recs, but I strongly recommend "Discipline" and "Three of a Perfect Pair" in addition to "Red" and "Lark's Tongue's". The early-80's lineup of KC in some ways bears more resemblance to PT than any of the 70's lineups. Check out especially "Thela Hun Ginjeet" from Discipline, and the title track from TOAPP. But *ALL* King Crimson from "Court" through TOAPP is fantastic, IMO.
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I second the IQ suggestion....and would add Umphrey's McGee. I am 50 and grew up in the 70's progressive movement but am always lookin for something fresh. Folks turned me on to PT here and love em.
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Remarkable by it's abscence here... Hawkwind? In first looking at PT, I almsost dismissed them as "another Hawkwind". Personally I don't care for them, but they're another band that made it in E
Europe but not this side of the ocean.

I mention them because YMMV.

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