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Energizer XP18000 + XPAL LPS Dongle Combo (for) Beresford Capella (or) Beresford DACs (or) iBasso PB2

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  1. Lohb
    For Sale
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    Beresford Capella TC-7110 or iBasso PB2 linear power supply kit (you get only battery and LPS dongles (x2)...no amp in photos included.

    Energizer XP1800 (battery life excellent..90% or so good)
    + XPAL LPS (linear power supply) 12-volt dongle + 15-volt dongle
    Also has 5-volt out function, but its not LPS, just normal style) + mains charger

    This combo allows you to run these amps/DACs off the grid with jet-black background
    for true audiophile quality.

    UK to some European countries shipping.... Others countries case-by-case.
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