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Endgame mini Mini

Trader History (6)
  1. honeyjjack
    For Sale or Trade
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Best offer:
    Custom interconnects made for me (gave cable maker plugs and cables. WBT silver solder used)
    The prices seem high but they are cheaper than the price that was put into making them. Prices include shipping to anywhere and paypal fees. 20181121_234018_HDR-1.jpg

    From left to right
    -ALO sxc 19awg 9 wire
    These wires were too thick to use more than 3 wires (alo sells 3 wire minis) so new thinner insulation was put on the conducters to make a 9 wire fit.
    Flat with a slight touch of midbass bump to add body and impact. Even with thicker notes and body the highs have lots of air.

    -Effect Audio Thor 2+ 12 wire 300usd
    Effect Audio told me they dont make mini cables in more than 8 wires so i bought their 22awg cables and turned it into a 12 wire mini cable. Viablue large diameter was used to fit 12 wires.
    Vastly larger soundstage with lots of sparkle and definition up top without any sibilance. Highs are airy and defined but theres a touch of warmth.

    -Effect Audio Ares 12 wire
    Same as above.
    Adds copper warmth and bass. soundstage increased with a bit of bloom. Highs are smooth and euphoric.
  2. honeyjjack
  3. honeyjjack
  4. PointyFox
    How much did the components cost?
  5. honeyjjack
    60 for a set of plugs, 560 for thor cable, 220 for ares cable 80 per cable for the services of the maker.
  6. honeyjjack
    taking trades too. Offer me

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