EMU 0404 vs. total bithead
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Dec 9, 2007
Which one would you guys choose (outside of the obvious reason you can take the bithead with you), which one had a better sound amplifier, etc. Just in case, I wouldn't be using any of the feature the EMU has to offer outside of the headphone amplifier and DAC, not much a of a musician here and all those knobs look mighty confusing. Going to be used with a laptop and a pair of ATH-A900's most frequently (I listen to an obscene amount of music in a day), zenvision:m second, but a very very very distant second.
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I bought the 0404 USB because I also wanted to do some measurements of speaker rigs and needed at least one mic pre, anyway. I have been very pleased with the quality of the DAC, and it will handle bit depth/rate greater than the 16/48 limit of the BitHead.

It does need external power, though.

I think you meant that you weren't going to use it outside of its DAC and amp capabilities, correct?

I run it on XPSP2 on a desktop and MCE2005 on a notebook, no issues. OTOH, it does take up more CPU cycles due to its drivers (that handle the data transfer differently than standard Win USB Audio devices) and some wireless network card drivers in notebooks cause users some real fits, taking up a lot of PCI bandwidth for some reason while others work together just fine.

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