Emu 0404 + RCA Amp setup?
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Sep 18, 2008
I'll start off apologizing for my ignorance, and state that I have read the manual, and just want to make sure I'm going about doing this right as I'm not very technically minded and haven't done this before. I currently have an emu0404 usb connected to my computer via usb for phone listening and I just received a pair of hd650s as a gift, so I'm looking into investing into an amp. It's my understanding that I should be using foobar > emu 0404 via usb >  2xTS male to RCA male connectors > amp > headphones. Then set the sync to internal in the emu control panel, leave windows volume at 100%, and turn the main output volume knob on the emu to +0db while just doing volume adjustments with my amp.
Would a cable like this work well for my purposes? I think Hosa is supposed to be a solid manufacturer from what I've heard. 
Thanks immensely for an help you can provide me.
edit for clarity: this is the external usb 0404, not the internal one. I still want to use it as a dac in this set-up, just with an amp.

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