Empire Ears Zeus XR Custom

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  1. Bluecactus123
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    IMG_4019.PNG IMG_4017.PNG IMG_4018.PNG IMG_4019.PNG Up for sale is my EE Zeus XR custom. The condition is perfect, not a single scratch(can provide more photos). Also the whiplash cable is included. I'm selling it due to personal reasons, I will need some money in the near future. Price does not include reshell, EE themselves told me reshelling costs 590$ for both sides, so on my offer you'll be saving 250$, I can cover shipping costs to you. Feel free to contract me.
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  2. flipper203
    Is it reshell included price?
  3. TsKen
    Yeah... Isn't the reshell price like $350 per side from Empire Ears?
  4. klaimzlgd
    i was gonna say that, buy first hand for 300usd cheaper haha
  5. proedros
    way too expensive , buying new one comes cheaper
  6. Bluecactus123
    If you say so... I've just lowered the price. And texted Jack to see how much the resells cost. I've found a reshell service on music sanctuary for 178$ beforehand
  7. Bluecactus123
  8. Bluecactus123
  9. Ben Vo
    is your Zeus Adel or non-adel?
  10. bvng3540
    From the look of the picture, there no adel module
  11. Bluecactus123
    Non Adel. From what I know Adel modules provide very subtle changes. The biggest change they provide is the 400$ price increase.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2017
  12. Bluecactus123
  13. Bluecactus123

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