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  1. Sound~Patriot
    Now after 2 days of excessive tip rolling and testing i still find the twin blade spinfits (red) sounding best with the LX. No doubt......but after 2 hours they really feel like an enormous pain in the ass. Man....they scratch and pinch....like a too large cork at a place where it definitely shouldn't be. After 2 hours i don't give a **** on good sounding music. I just feel the urgent need to pull these things out and put the small finger as deep as possible into my ear canal. A dilemma.
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  2. aaf evo
    Go custom.
  3. davidcotton
    Sell them and go custom :p
  4. davidcotton
    Damn you Aaf :p
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  5. Shecky504
    I spent some time tip rolling this weekend as well and came back to the small size Final Audio E tips. They give a better seal than the double flange spinfits for me. With the spinfits, I find the sound is inconsistent as they don't isolate the same way each time, especially if you're moving around. You can test this by pulling your ears slightly outward after inserting the tips in your ears. The sound opens up and sounds better while holding my ears in that position than when the spinfits are inserted normally without touching my ears. With the Final Audio tips, this doesn't occur and they sound consistent each time regardless of ear movement.

    I think with Final Audio, people may be using tips a size too big for their ears. The mediums also fit me but when I switched to the small, there was a slight veil lifted in the sound and they isolated just as good. You could even argue the SS will sound the best if your ears can hold them.
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  6. Alson Chua
    I using jodi vac
  7. Sound Eq

    it just sucks that with all the advanced tech in sound with iems we have only one solution in regards to overcome the issue of dam tips seal and comfort which is to go custom, and for me who lives overseas custom molds are not an option to nail by our audiologists

    the guy who made the adel module who vanished into thin air had a great concept for inflated tips, but i do not know if his concept will ever come to light, all i see him jumping from company to company with his adel module
  8. NaiveSound
    Adel is definitely a joke.

    Have you tried custom tips? Customart , ambient acoustics, perfect seal are a few that offer custom tips
  9. Sound Eq
    as i mentioned where i live i simply can't guarantee making custom molds for my ear let alone custom tips
  10. NaiveSound
    No audiologist?? If your ballsy enough you can order your own ear impressions mold solution and ask friend/family to perform it on you..... After some basic goofling and you tubing you guys can self educate enough to give it a shot.

    Where ever you live .. I'm sure you have a postal service of sorts. And with that you can reach any corner of this earth.

    I guess it depends on your level of determination
  11. Sound Eq
    its not that bad were i live :)

    its just when i read about custom iems issue with fitting and the front and back to perfect it i just backout from the idea

    i live in jerusalem people are busy debating to whom it belongs to :)
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  12. Sound Eq
    forget the adel i was interested in his inflated tips concept and not the adel module
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  13. Sound Eq
    u should see my ingenious self made custom tips i made for my ibasso it03 which drove that thread nuts :) using molding materials

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  14. NaiveSound

    That's actually cool, give me better pictures and angles, genuinely interested
  15. Alson Chua
    There’s such thing called perfect fit for custom? My phantom in my opinion i felt is not perfect fit. The guy that made the impression told me there’s no perfect fit as long as it doesn’t hurt. I’m not sure as this is my first custom. Some times fits okay some times keep adjusting to get the seal
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