Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. boomtube
    The one IEM I've bought and sold 3 times, and regretted selling every time was Tralucent Ref. 1.

    So curious to know how Legend X sounds in comparison.
  2. NaiveSound
    IIwish there were more comlarisons against Zeus XR
  3. kubig123
    it's only matter of time, be patient and enjoy the Zeus!
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  4. ranfan
    I'd be interested to hear how the Phantom compares with the earlier Savage (limited) model. Both having 5 drivers from EE. :)
  5. Mython Contributor
    LOL - you must be new around here! (I know you're not, but you know what I mean)
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  6. kubig123
  7. olddude
    You know, in another year there will another round of new IEMs coming out and the Phantom and Legend X will be the swept away ones like the Zeus is now. Hype is a lovely thing but watching folks get so worked up here is both funny and distressing.
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  8. subguy812
    So true...but the Zeus is still their pinnacle. Again this whole thing comes down to a sound signature that you like.
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  9. Blommen
    I am away for 3 freaking days and all hell breaks loose in here! Well, thank you guys soOOo much for making these cool iems and getting people I like to write about them! SoooOOOoo nice of you to put another dent in my retirement plan, u guys are the bezzt! /s


    Seriously though, they both look to be top players in their respective fields. Can't wait to try them out!
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  10. singleended5863
    Totally agreed! I enjoy my Spartan for now but thinking to get the Phantom whenever I can afford them.
  11. kubig123
    honestly I would still consider to buy a used zeus with an interesting price.
  12. kubig123
    saw it, but I'm not in a rush.
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  13. Mython Contributor

    You must be new, here....
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  14. kubig123
    may be, but the wallet is empty
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  15. Mython Contributor

    Look at it this way:

    your wallet may be empty, but as long as you're not morally bankrupt, there is hope for you, yet! cheers beerchug EMOTICON.gif

    I'm often skint, myself, but one of these days, I will find the means to get a nice shiny EE CIEM. I'm determined of that.
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