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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Kerouac
    Just the kind of (informative) post I guess many of us (incl me) were waiting for / looking forward to over the past weeks :thinking:

    I remember that you told me (regarding the Phantom) that at first you thought ‘This iem sounds good’ , which soon turned into ‘This iem sounds really special/amazing’ and not long after that into ‘This is the best iem I’ve ever heard!’
    After I had heard the universal Phantom prototype myself, it didn’t took me long to become aware that I had to get that one in my near future collection. The Phantom just sounds freakin’ amazing!!!

    And although I’ve already set my mind on the Phantom, the Legend X seems to be (also after reading @twister6 excellent review) a very interesting iem as well :ksc75smile:
    Anyhow...I hope you guys will have a great time at CanJam NYC!
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  2. proedros
    @flinkenick is this true ?
  3. Wyville
    Let's put it like this... When Nic first spoke to me about the "5-driver" IEMs, I soon forgot I had a wish list and spent an evening negotiating puppies with my wife. Since then my inner dialogue has essentially boiled down to...
    :imp: WHOO HOO! :imp:
    :imp: I win! :imp:
    :imp: I win! :imp:
    :imp: You loose! :imp:
    :innocent: *Sigh* :innocent:
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  4. proedros
    axaaxaxaaxaxxaaxaxaxaxaxaxA wyville man i love you

    this thread and nic's is the best threads ever , with the dog gifs and the angeL/devil convs this is HILARIOUS
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  5. moneypls
    I want my Legend X NOW. It would be a good companion with my Zeus.
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  6. Mython Contributor
    Thanks, flinkenick and twister6, for your reviews. Nice to see some impressions based upon extended listening, rather than extrapolated hearsay in the vein of "he said she'd heard it for 5 minutes at a show, and she said it was awesome, so he reckoned it definitely must be 'amazeballs', etc. etc. etc." (although, with a mental hype-filter cautiously switched on, such hearsay can at least whet the appetite for more info).

    does sound like my cup of tea, although I am wary of comparisons to SE5U, because, although I haven't heard SE5U, I have heard SE5, and that had a very dark and claustrophobic presentation, to my ears (though it is possible that there may have been a fault).

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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  7. PinkyPowers
    Great work guys. I enjoyed both reviews immensely.
  8. San Man
    Looks like I might have to give the LX a hard look. Here I was all set to get a U18 and this pops up
  9. Gavin C4
    So will there be 3 lines of product from EE if all 3 flagship models from each line up are so awesome?

    Phantom for naturalness and a pleasant all-rounder listening
    Legned X for impactful bass that blends well with mids and highs at the perfection level.
    Zeus for jaw-dropping detail and resolution

    I can see the Legend X under my signature very soon. It seems the Legned X + Zeus-XR combo will server me well and covers a wider range of music and mood compared to the Phantom + Zeus-XR combo.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  10. bvng3540
    How soon can we order the LX?
  11. flinkenick
    Yes it's a long flight, but worth it to finally see my idol @twister6. And as an additional bonus, I get to be present for the worldwide EE launch!
    Thanks buddy. I used a new grammar app called PinkyPowers. Among others, it told me I had to capitalise the word 'IEM' :joy:
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  12. subguy812
    And included numerous *** after the letter "f", "s" and so on
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  13. proedros

    very helpful review , and makes it 100% clear to me that Legend is not the one for me (probably too much bass and recessed mids so yeap not for me)

    so Phantom will (probably) be my next purchase (when i can gather the needed funds)
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  14. kubig123
    Yes, after reading both @twister6 and @flinkenick reviews my interest is increasingly growing :open_mouth: toward the Phantom.
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  15. Decreate
    I was down at a local headphone store just a little earlier today and they happened to have demos of both the Legend X and Phantom. The first iem I tried was the Legend X and thought they weren't bad but the bass was just a little too overwhelming for my taste. I then tried the Phantom and initially my thoughts were "OK, this sounds a bit better..." I then switched from the original Aries SE cable to my 1960 balanced cable and my jaw hit the ground. I previously thought my Audeze i4 and Oriolus Mellianus were going to be my end game but after hearing the Phantom, I found true love. Now I'll have to wait until they get stock of the actual retail version before I can enjoy them again. A big thanks to Nick for working with Empire Ears on the tuning of these iems. :thumbsup:
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