Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. Twitley
    You had to be very wise. :grinning:
  2. subguy812
    It is a fact...the new shells are more ergonomic.
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  3. NaiveSound
    I know the feeling! I did some crazy stuff...
    I had Zeus XR... Then I wanted Zeus XRA (with adel) and now back to Zeus XR...
  4. JaeYoon
    Just received my Aegis case! Woo hoo!
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  5. ranfan
    Nice! Can I see? :p
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  6. Ethan Groover
    Glad to see that it's shipping so fast! Definitely looking forward to reading your feedback on the XR.
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  7. NaiveSound
    Anyone got a BTG Starlight cable? ( used to ship with Zeus) I can trade for it, I got a whiplash that now ships with Zeus.
  8. aaf evo
    So I have probably had about 5 hours or so of listening on my demo Zeus XR since yesterday. At first when I listened I was slightly underwhelmed as I was wanting more bass (coming from Andromeda) but after a while I slowly started to fall in love with the sound. Put my Andromeda's back on last night to compare and took them off after one song. I'm pretty sure I'm sold!

    I find myself listening to the XIV setting about 95% of the time over R, so now I need to decide if I should spend the extra cash and get the XR over the XIV, which I probably will do.

    Does anyone know of EE's previous Black Friday specials?
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  9. proedros
    15-20% off if i remember correctly

    you may also wanna pm @Jack Vang and talk about it , i am sure he is gonna help you out

  10. Deezel177
    Yeah, coming to the Zeus from a more "fun" sound signature will certainly catch you off-guard, but I'm glad you didn't give up on it - where others definitely would've - and ended up liking it. The usual Black Friday discounts are 15% off. Last year, when EE first announced their partnership with Asius, it was 15% off for non-ADEL IEMs and 20% off for ADEL IEMs.
  11. aaf evo
    Thank you guys! I reached out to jack via SMS when enquiring about demoing the Zeus but I was put into contact with Ethan who has been very helpful. I will reach out and see what they can do!
  12. Twitley
    It's a good choice Zeus XR, it offers lower than XIV that I find calmer and warmer.
    You listened to what with dap?
    I hope that an update of Zeus XIV to XR is possible and with a good price.
    The interest of XR is to have different sound signature that allows you to choose it depending on when you listen.
  13. aaf evo
    I used both my mojo and the lightning to 3.5mm connector from my iPhone X
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  14. tim0chan
    Requires a full reshell which is like 800sgd.
    Would be cheaper to just get a cable if u believe in it.
  15. proedros
    having 2 signatures in XR is a huge bonus imo, as i can easily understand their sonic difference and it's like having 2 totl ciems in your hands/ears

    R is flatter and more reference-sounding and the vocals are less forward making the soundstage more spacious and far from you

    XIV brings the vocals upfront for a more immersive experience and also lifts the bass slightly

    i find myself using both signatures and i could not live now with having only the R or the XIV signature

    very versatile ciem

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