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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. tkteo
  2. olddude

    Are you going today?  I plan on going tomorrow, and my first stop was going to be at Empire Ears.  If they can't make it, I may rethink the hour drive.  Please post later if you know more.
  3. Rei87

    Seems like it's very chaotic at the airport. Hope they sort it out soon so that Jack doesn't miss meeting all you great folks....
  4. olddude
    Well, I was bringing my wallet......... [​IMG]
  5. twister6 Contributor
    Not going to happen, Jack just posted this:
  6. olddude
    Well, my wallet is relieved but my interest is disappointed.  [​IMG]
    thanks, Twister.
  7. bavinck
    I never understood why people loved vocals so much. I enjoy a good singer, but many of the greats just did not amaze me like they did many others. Then I tried some vocals on my Zeus X. OK, ya now I get it. Through this monitor I can hear everything the singer is doing with their voice that I did not know they were doing. Modulation, texture, technique. Holy man and these suckers amazing for vocals. Like stunning.
  8. boblauer
    I was going to attend just to see some friends and listen to the latest I can;t afford. But work got in the way on Friday and I need to work to have a presentation ready for Monday morning Tokyo 9AM which is Sunday 5PM my time. Unfortunately I wasn't making it but I guess I won't miss seeing Jack, Dean and team. Enjoy everyone else, cant wait for the pictures. 
  9. Ike1985

    Damn. Terrible. Sorry to hear that. I always had a bad feeling in my gut seeing my bags go through that conveyor knowing how terrible airlines can be with bags.
  10. bavinck
    As long as he had his Zeus in his carry on he should be good to go:wink:
  11. Sound Eq
  12. ironpeg
    Unfortunately, I think everything was in his checked luggage. LPG, WM1Z, and 2 sets of Demos.
    Feel bad for him and EE. Delta won't get any cent from me XD.
  13. tunes
    So does that mean that Jack likes the Latoo Paw Gold pairing with EE IEMs over all the other high end DAPS on the market?? There is a new less expensive AK DAP coming out. Wonder how it compares with LPG and QP1R?
  14. olddude
    He told me this a few weeks ago, when I was in touch with him re what we could demo the iems with:  "We will have 3 sources present at our booth, the Sony WM1z, Apple Ipad + Chord Mojo, & Lotoo Paw Gold"  
    There is also some discussion going on re the LPG having some hiss with the Zeus.  Apparently no hiss with AK240SS and AK380, from what I've read.  Since I've not gotten my hands on a Zeus and won't be doing so this weekend, this is all second-hand info that I've read in various threads.  
  15. tunes
    What causes hiss and why should anyone accept this when they are spending thousands of dollars to hear music not his.
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