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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. NaiveSound

    I see, well your gonna love them, you ordering soon? Do you have other IEMs with adel?
  2. Overkill Red
    Hope I can pick up a set of carrot modules tomorrow! Forgot to ask Stephen about them today.
    By the way, Stephen is also an amazingly accommodating and friendly person. Say hi to him as well if you see him tomorrow!
    Ike1985 and Canyon Runner like this.
  3. Ike1985
    I have A12.  I'll never buy another non-ADEL IEM. The transparency, naturalness of both tone, proper pressure-free listening with regard to ear anatomy and health benefits are something I refuse to compromise on.
    Deftone and linux4ever like this.
  4. NaiveSound

    While I'm waiting for my XR adel to come in by Friday of this coming week.... Your getting me even more exited. I truly and pumped to see what this fuzz is all about lol
  5. Ike1985
    I'm getting XR ADEL as well a toast to you my friend. 
  6. NaiveSound

    By the way, what does the U12 miss that your trying to find in Zeus? Upgradeitis or superiority?
  7. Ike1985
    Upper mids, highs, resolution, doesn't need an impedance adapter (causes loss of transparency) to sound good.
  8. PinkyPowers

    The U12 lacks treble. It's well extended in the high-range, but it's recessed. It has a very warm, dark sound.

    I disagree with Ike1985 that it lacks resolution, though. The U12 is top tier in that, along with staging and imaging.
  9. NaiveSound

    I suppose U12 is non fatiguing (at least in the top end) due to the recessed highs? I guess it's something a cable cant fix?
  10. Ike1985
    IMO impedance adapter has the most influence on fixing it, cable is secondary to that.  Non-fatiguing aspect has more to do with ADEL than the signature.  The U12 signature is frustrating because if you crank it you can hear some of the detail you've been missing which is counter intuitive to ADEL.  In other words, ADEL makes lower volumes sound louder and the A12 signature makes you want to crank it to get that detail.
  11. NaiveSound

    I understand the frustration with that. When will you be putting your order in?
  12. Ike1985
    Soon. Don't have an exact date yet. [​IMG]
  13. tkteo
    toasts to both of you
  14. PinkyPowers

    Very non-fatiguing indeed.

    It's all about signature preference. I can understand when someone wants more treble. For me, I find this sound to be my happy place. You won't find me pushing the volume to force the details to the fore.

    But it's definitely not for everyone. :wink:
  15. NaiveSound

    What are you seeking in Zeus?
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