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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. moedawg140 Contributor

    You know how I feel about certain cable manufacturers, so I'm only going to go with those that I feel are at least cordial.

    EA should be a fun go!
  2. Rin1990
    Am I the only one crazy enough to pair Leonidas cable with a flippin' Supra? [​IMG]
    Granted I never tried it before but using the Ares cable made it sound so much cleaner on my X1+Q1 Combo. The Ares is quite magical with its sound improvement over the Supra and pairing it with the AK380 just made it sounded even better in tonality.
    I know a Leonidas + Supra seemed ridiculous but I find it worth giving a try just to see how much it improves lol.
  3. Rei87

    Well, I'm pairing my supra with an 8 core leonidas, so its not that crazy heh
  4. Rin1990
    How does it sound? :D
    I'll like to hear the details~~~[​IMG]
  5. Kozato

    Drop me a pm

    Leonidas is a rather musical sounding cable, which makes it a very good pairing with the Zeus R. The pairing with warm IEMs is a guide, but with some non-warm sounding IEMs there are good pairings.
  6. Rin1990
    Something tells me that I know what type of cable I'll be getting the time I got my Supra and Athena in future. [​IMG]
  7. moedawg140 Contributor
  8. mrazik
    For those who own Cerberus and are looking for or thinking about after market cable, I found as perfect match for them Norne Vorpal.
  9. Mimouille
    Burn in and now musical sounding cables, you guys want my death :D
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  10. AndrewCanDo
    Has anyone tried the EE Athena? I was looking at the V2 Angies and came across these which got me thinking: which one of the two would be better for vocals (specifically female)? Thanks to all those who reply in advance :beers:
  11. Deezel177
    As long as our ears are happy, mate. [​IMG]
  12. soundblast75
  13. Rin1990
    You can look back at page 162 for my impression on the demo universal unit. :)
    As for a more specific way to answer the comparison as someone whom auditioned the Metal Jacket Siren series, I try to keep this simple:
    Athena's vocals exceeds Angie by a good extent to my ears, it sounded more emotional, fuller and has a much natural capture on vocal-centric tracks. Listening to any of your favorite female artists would be a joy with it. In terms of musicality, I find Athena trumps the Angie yet again as Angie's not quite there with its mids despite being the most musical of the four sisters.
    Listening to Adele and Lenka has never been such a beautiful experience, and Athena made me experience that.
    To put it upon further comparison, its vocal tonality exceeds even the vocal-star of Vision Ears line up, the VE5.
    AndrewCanDo likes this.
  14. AndrewCanDo

    That basically sums up everything I wanted to hear. Thank you so much :blush: Another question: can the Athena only be ordered in the pre-chosen colours or can we design our own like a custom for an extra amount? I would kill for a combination of my own choice.
  15. Rin1990
    I err...think there's only customizable option on the custom version. Otherwise it seems there's a default-preset design shell for the universal versions.
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