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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. scottcocoabeach

    I've been checking this thread at least once a day starting last week when he said he expected an announcement then. I'm still checking in daily and hoping we have an update soon!
  2. moedawg140 Contributor

    It's great that your initial much-less-than-satisfactory experience wound up working out to be a great trip, thank goodness for that, my friend. Up to now my trip has been amazing, spending time with old and new friends, and in an hour several of us will be taking a tour outside of London to Stonehenge, Bath, and possibly Windsor Castle. I'll have pictures posted somewhere on Head-Fi (haven't made the decision of where yet) when I post my London impressions/experience in the near future.
  3. ibbreezy
    Have fun on your excursion. I've done Stonehenge and Bath before and it's a tight schedule. Thanks again for letting me try the Andromeda, albeit extremely briefly. 
    Was great meeting other Zeus-R/ EE users and everyone else during CanJam London. Shame EE weren't there as I really wanted to try the other models. 
    Still waiting on the announcement though. :)
  4. mrazik
    Hi chaps, new member of EE club on board. Got my Cerberus today. They look exquisite. Will write some more impression about sound later, but from first few moments is more than evident why Empire.
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  5. Army-Firedawg

    That's awesome man welcome to the family!! What kind of cable is that?
  6. mrazik

    Toxic Silver Poison. It make good team with Cerberus.
  7. Army-Firedawg

    Haha and appropriately named too. But very nice good sir very nice
  8. Malevolent
    Welcome to the club! Hope you have fun on the boards and listening to your Cerberus (of course). [​IMG] 
  9. mrazik

    Yes, I do. Right now I do listen on my new iBasso DX80. I did not liked DX90, but DX80 is nice. Is pity, that it suffer of hiss, which is with Cerberus quite noticeable. Anyway I really enjoy this combo. It have good dynamics.
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  10. james93
    @mrazik, Welcome to the E.E. family.

    Great looking setup with the Toxic Silver Poison. Did you try the standard cable before switching? How was the change in sound?
  11. mrazik

    I did not give a try to stock cable at all. I do own few good cables and few more are on the way, so normally I do not even pull stock cable out of box. But to answer your question. I'm cable believer and according to my experience custom cables are in most cases upgrade.
  12. boomtube
    In the off chance that someone wants to trade their Zeus-R,...I've got a few pieces of choice gear to offer. I can add cash also.
  13. Sound Eq
    i noticed that the zeus r, is really amazing me day after day, it will make you want to revisit all your music library, as simply it feels like a new experience listening to your songs with the zeus r than any other iem i own or owned. Literally everything sounds so much better now, even songs with complex passages are so well delivered compared to my previous experience with other iems. I used to have hard times listening to metal genre and now everything sounds so blissful even the metal genre is a joy to listen to using the zeus r. I guess many of us used to get frustrated when listening to metal using iems but that is now a past with the Zeus R metal music is now a joy to listen to
    do u really think guys that EE can top the zeus r? as i honestly can not pinpoint one weak point in the zeus r
  14. twister6 Contributor
    I think they can [​IMG]
  15. Sound Eq
    then u have already inside information from Jack, so share it :)
    I noticed Jack disappeared I am starting to doubt he is head over heels in making another masterpiece
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