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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. ScottFree
    As far as I can tell no. All of the listed international dealer on the EE website seem to offer only the custom, and not the Universal. Could have missed one though.
  2. Rin1990
    That's a stinker. And I thought they listed Universals to be available for purchase (on the website at least, but comes with a hefty 60+ US dollar price addition still)
    I really wanna try the Empire Ears line up and Jaben recently only got the Nobles. >:
  3. tkteo
    You should contact the dealer in Malaysia, if there is one officially appointed by EE. Otherwise you would not know whether for sure.
  4. ezekiel77

    Music Sanctuary from Singapore. Contact Kozato. He comes to KL every now and again.
  5. Rin1990
    I see.
    Kozato...any details about him? Facebook or WhatsApp? You can PM me. Or is he a member in here?
  6. proedros
    forced as in by other competitors in the CIEM market ?
  7. twister6 Contributor
    You need to properly tag another HF member for them to see your question [​IMG]  Doesn't work from a smartphone (at least not for me), but from the laptop when you start with @ sign and type in the user name - it will tag it.  Like this @Kozato
  8. Rin1990
    Ah, thanks for telling me. Cheers Twister. Always liked your reviews on the IEMs so far.
  9. AxelCloris Administrator

    It's easy to tag on mobile, twister6. Just use the @ button or code tags.


    twister6 likes this.
  10. Kozato

    Hi Rin1990

    I am planning to drop by Kuala Lumpur from 18th to 21st next week. Would you like to meet up? Drop me a PM.
  11. moedawg140 Contributor
    For those attending CanJam London in a couple of hours (and are reading this message), stop by the IEM Clinic that I'll be manning, and take a look at my Zeus Remastered, if you are interested. :beerchug:
    proedros likes this.
  12. boomtube
    Any Zeus-R / Rhapsodio Solar owners that can make a brief comparison of the 2?
  13. proedros
    nice to see zeus at canjam 

  14. soundblast75
    Coming tomorrow:beers::beers::beers:
  15. moedawg140 Contributor
    There's at least four Zeus Remastereds at CanJam that I personally spotted - all look amazing and all owners are supremely awesome (not counting myself, but great if people think so theirselves).
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