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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Verloren
    Demoed, but the arthur had the Excalibur cable, and the zeus-r was on the regular cable.
  2. ejong7

    What are your thoughts? And is the R a universal demo or your own custom?
  3. Verloren
    I didn't test the Zeus R. I tried the Arthur and SpartanIV+Merlin cable.

    My friend did the Arthur amd Zeus R, and his comments were the Arthur had better detail retrieval vs the Zeus R. Warmer sound and more intimate too.

    The Zeus R wasn't on the BTG Starlight - rather, it was on the stock EE 3.5mm unbalanced cable that comes with the lower tier IEMs part of the EE portfolio. As such, there is the difference in balanced va unbalanced output to consider.

    Housing looked identical to other images of a Zeus/Zeus R.
  4. Cotnijoe
    Hey guys. I've been playing with some gear from JDS Labs. I've never heard a darker background from the Zeus R than pairing it with the Element. There's absolutely no hiss at all. My high end amps are still more detailed of course, but it's really refreshing to have the Zeus R sound absolutely clean like this.
    Just want to share this haha. If you ever get the chance to try out a Element at a show or something, make sure to bring your Zeus along.
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  5. Sound Eq
    how about we create a list of portable amps that are great to use with empire ears and produce no hiss. 
    I have the mojo and its sound great
    I always like to use portable amps with all my daps, so a list would help narrow my choices 
  6. proedros
    is this true ?
  7. Jobbing

    Which brings me back to http://www.head-fi.org/t/786335/empire-ears-discussion-impressions-formerly-earwerkz/2025#post_12718983 and possible Audio Sanctuary dealership. EE was on the CanJam list for sure and I was really looking forward to meeting Jack in London. For me EE+Asius collaboration and AS UK for EU dealership would be the best announcement Jack could make.
  8. Cagin
    No doubt about that.

    But if it was only that, then we would've seen a statement akin to:
    we were enthusiastic about introducing ourselves to Europe via Canjam London, but we were working feverishly/with fervor to unveil a massive upcoming release that will blow your minds. And as such we can't make it to this show but stay tuned of the next upcoming show as it will be well worth it.

    And I know how outstanding Jack is in regards to these matters so something feels iffy.
    Peodros knows what I'm hinting at.

    Bah I guess I'll have to save up and book a trip across the pond someday.
    Jobbing likes this.
  9. Jobbing

    No clue what you're hinting at. Can't read between the lines either, but obviously you and @Peodros are in the know. If they are out on CanJam, I can only speculate, guess we'll just have to wait for @Jack Vang to do his announcement.

    The fact that you could be banned for mentioning/revealing anything plus the saving up for the pond rhing sure doesn't make me feel it's all that positive....
  10. Jobbing
    @Proedros: sorry for the misspelling
  11. proedros
    i don't know anything about it actually , i just have a hunch for what cagin may be hinting at [​IMG]

    in fact, i am waiting like everyone for some official talk/statement on why EE will not be on the canjam show
    what i understood from cagin's post is that EE was scheduled to appear at canjam and now they are not
  12. tusing
    I'm impressed at how the shells still look brand-new!
    And the new website looks fresh, especially the (C)IEM pages!
  13. esm87
    what faceplate is that? Look cool as fu.....
  14. ibbreezy
    Think it's a "galaxy swirl". Would have loved to have known about those when I ordered. :) 
  15. Malevolent
    That is one genuinely cool-ass looking CIEM! Nice!
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