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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Docterror
    Put this in the Reviews Section. Easier to find in the future than scroll through all the whole thread. 
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  2. ejong7

    It's not entirely similar, but I do find the reasons of me loving my R and my Ether the same: Its neutral without being boring, reference yet musical. And the Ether (non-Flow) shares the same property as R that I found, it has wide soundstage, but definitely not the widest I've heard, even in the line. Ether C is wider for Mr.Speakers, Apollo is wider for EE.
    In terms of IEMs, well....... I may have an answer but probably not the time to say it. [​IMG]
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  3. ejong7
    Got my 'hard' clamshell case today. It fit my Zeus R very well. My R is particularly big (at least compared to the universal) so I was very happy it fits with room to spare. If anybody is interested I'm posting the link for the UK people here:
    Nothing bad about the hard case or soft pouch Empire provided, I just prefer to store my IEMs in zip cases for easy transport.
  4. Cagin
    I'm baffled.
    I dunno what happened or when, but did Empire Ears ninja out of CanJam London?!?
    I had at first wondered how come there weren't taking part in the SHaG prizelist, I figured a Spartan/Cerberus maybe
    Then today I just watched Jude's classic pre-CanJam vid, and was dumbfounded to not see any sequence about Empire, and then not even in the list at the end.
    I then went to check the CanJam Exhibitor list and no Empire Ears there either. I could've sworn it used to be there but maybe I was just seeing a mirage previously.
    Just did a search within this thread, with "London" after another search with "CanJam London" and there's no mention of backing out of it. Page #103 shows Jack enthusiastic about it, followed few pages later by Eu Jin's London gif.
    And as far as I know there's no European Empire Ears dealer yet so does this mean there's no Empire Ears iems line-up for demo at CanJam?
    I'm aware I wasn't actively posting lately. My review about the Zeus-R should be up by Friday or Sunday at max.
    I'm truly bummed about CanJam though. I'd waited a lot to hear out the other iems in the line-up, and I wanted to spend a good 30min more with the Zeus to A/B with my Zeus-R.
    I got one idea what could be a cause but I'm afraid even watered down, I'd risk a ban and I rather not, especially as I'm on the volunteering staff... -_-
  5. ejong7
    le.mao. wise thoughts my friend.
  6. EagleWings
    Thanks. How about during CANJAMs?
  7. Deezel177

    *cough* *cough*
  8. Sound Eq
  9. Deezel177

    The Arthur itself is a universal IEM with 14 drivers and Effect Audio internal wiring. The default cable that comes with it is the silver-gold Effect Audio Excalibur.
  10. Sound Eq
    so do you think this is the exiting news Jack was talking about?
  11. esm87
    maybe I should hold off the zeus until this comes out and read reviews!
  12. ibbreezy
    Too many to keep up with. 
    Hope they offer the cables to existing EE users. Along with a discount naturally. [​IMG]
  13. Kozato

    The Excaliber cable will be exclusive to the Arthur only, same for the Rowan cable and the Merlin IEM.
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  14. Deezel177

    Probably one of several... :wink:

    See you in 20 minutes Calvin!
  15. Kozato

    I am having in-camp training now. My colleague will serve you.
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