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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. davidcotton
    Nice surprise to find my Supra-II Customs waiting for me at home on friday.  Everyone (I hope) knows about the fast turn around from EE but it's still a shock when it happens.  Irony was we were all out during the day, so the package was left with the neighbours who we were not able to get a hold of until this morning, doh!  Still got them in the end.
    Pics below (apologies for quality, ipad mini camera) :-
    What's in the box :-
    Starter guide and Case (which was PITA to open!)
    Assorted bags and cleaning cloths
    Ta da :-
    Closer Shot
    Left Ear
    Right Ear (Yes I know, get a shave).
    Not really had time to check for long term comfort but first impressions seem good.  My problematic right ear seems to be fitting nicely.  I think the position of where EE put the cable socket is helping there as I have always had issues with that part of the cable pressing against my ear causing discomfort.  Not so on these.
    As ever thanks to Jack and the EE staff who have been great through this.
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  2. Malevolent
    What is this?? [​IMG] There's always room for MORE BASS.
  3. Sound Eq
    i simply adore the savage 5, when I got it i was taken by its bass, which is tight controlled and punches with authority. At the same time that I had the savage 5, I had the ref1 which is also a great iem, but I decided to sell the ref1, as not only was the bass amazing on the savage 5 but the mids were amazing compared to ref1, also the highs were exactly to my liking.
    Now that the savage 9 is out and being circulated to some, I can only say that once its officially released it will be a big hit for audiophile bass heads 
    note also in the past I owned the shure 846, asg2.5, sony xba z5 , 64audio U12 and each of those had a shortcoming, but the savage 5 is an all rounder basshead iem with quality and besides its bass you will get surprised by its amazing mids. As people might know me, I am not easy to be pleased but the savage 5 is a great bass iem
  4. bvng3540
    can't wait for my 9 to arrive
  5. Sound Eq
    the savage 9 will be a beast 
  6. Malevolent
    That sounds like something I'd LOVE to try. I was quite a big fan of the Legend Omega, and I almost bought one, but I chose to go for the AAW W500 AHMorph instead, which stands as my reference IEM for bass quality (its hybrid nature does wonders). Still, Jack has proven that he's very adept at working wonders with BA IEMs; hence, I think these Savage 5 and 9s are something worth trying.
    @Jack Vang Any place I can try them out? [​IMG]
  7. stenog
    Maybe Jack will sell these mystery iems in the near future ? I think we are quite a few that would love to hear them :sunglasses:.
  8. Malevolent
    Yep. Believe it or not, "basshead audiophiles" are a thing. We exist! Not everybody wants balance, clarity, flat. Some of us just want.. bass[​IMG]
  9. Sound Eq
    you can buy them if you ask jack, like i bought my savage 5
  10. esm87
    Any original zeus owners managed to listen to the Sirius? Both are deemed as mid forward from research. Anyones thoughts?

  11. flinkenick
    Considering their price difference, it is not a very fair comparison. Zeus-XIV is more precise in its resolution and imaging than the average TOTL. Sirius is on the lower side of the average, for which it cannot be faulted for its price. So Zeus-XIV is about two tiers higher in its performance, including transparency (due to Sirius' warm atmosphere). 
    Sirius has similar width and height, maybe slightly wider stage. Overall music is projected on a wide screen, but Zeus' stage is a great deal deeper. Zeus' stage is airier, and combined with its deeper stage, it has a significant advantage in layering and accordingly overall separation. 
    Both have great bass, with differences in texture, speed and decay due to the dynamic vs BA driver. Zeus-XIV's centre midrange is more forward, with vocals having greater density and more power. While Sirius has a smooth, organic, signature with a midcentric tone, its presentation is closer to neutral. Vocals are less forward. Its treble is less precise. They have differences in signature that make either appealing in their own way, with Sirius being slightly more neutral. However for those that are sensitive to technical differences, Zeus will be in a different league. But again, this should be expected for more than double the price.
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  12. esm87
    ye I totally get that price is alot different. Someone mentioned the sound quality is there with a true TOTL performjng IEM. As both seem to be mid forward I thought I would see others opinions. Fair play mind, Sirius is cool looking. Cheers for your insight bud
  13. flinkenick
    Sirius is still a great sounding iem in its own right, and coming from a $300 iem it is a logical and very pleasing upgrade. But it depends on your reference point. Zeus-XIV is simply one of the best ciems, it is a tricky comparison even with other TOTLs :)
  14. esm87
    cool, Im new to this whole Audio game so im constantly trying to gain insights on people's perception of sounds through various IEM's. I have heard neither zeus nor sirius but I find it interesting to read about how much people value the quality out of various IEM's. I do appreciate great sounding music and IEM's.

    I can appreciate it is difficult to compare IEM's as alot of it will come down to preference etc. I will be coming from the Vibro labs Aria as my point of reference, im really happy with how it sounds, everything I play through it seems to sound really nice. It also paired with my mojo.

    I was told by a guy that seemed to be knowledgeable on here, can't recall his name though, that when it comes to upgrades, get to TOTL as fast as I can. It will save alot of money and frustration in the long run. Ive already spent a fair bit on IEM's and headphones so understand where he is coming from now. My impression is that from where im at, to get a considerable upgrade, the zeus seems to be where Im at. It's sound signature description sounds right up my alley also.

    Soooo many cool looking and sounding IEM's in this game!
  15. Mimouille
    I partly disagree with this. First of all, you cannot completely appreciate subblte differences between high end and TOTL without having spent time training you ear and trying a lot of stuff IMHO. Besides there is a lot of pleasure in the game itself, so if end the quest right away it is kind of ruining the fun.
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