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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. shotgunshane Contributor
    The Spartan will sound U shaped in drect comparison to the middle mid forward UERR. The RR will have more bass punch in its signature but the Spartan will have more deep bass rumble. The Spartan will also have more lower treble presence and more sparkle. Next to the RR, the Spartan will sound wider and a little more airy.
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  2. esm87
    If for example guys, you listen to kings of leon through the Zeus R or original zeus, would vocals be sounding close or further in the back of the music?
  3. ejong7

    The mids on the Zeus family are forward, so it'll be closer, especially on the original Zeus. With the Remastered it feels as though its slightly push back as the treble and bass are pushed forward slightly.
  4. esm87
    if vocals sound closer on original zeus then original would be for me. Soundstage sound spacious on original zeus?

  5. ejong7

    It is spacious but if you really want a super wide soundstage I would recommend the Apollo. Depth goes to the Zeus though.
    The original zeus was a coloured, mid forward IEM. The remastered makes it more reference, aiming for a more 'linear' sound without ever touching the boring side of it.
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  6. esm87
    hmmm thanks, the Apollo has piqued my interest a few times, some people seem to love it, others not so much, its an interesting IEM from research. I imagine my HP/IEM list would be considered coloured lol, so all good.

    Basically after the most immersive sound with close feeling vocals I can get. Would the zeus soundstage be considered larger than Vibro labs Aria which im rocking at the moment?
  7. esm87
    On the website, is there anyway I can customize the zeus universal? Or do I have to go custom route to design my own faceplates etc?
  8. ejong7

    I have yet to listen to the Aria so thats a comparison I will not make. The Apollo definitely felt the less coloured one within the range, but to me its the king in terms of wideness of soundstage. The Zeus, or at least the Zeus-R, has this illusion that the soundstage is not that wide, but after a while you'll notice that the soundstage is actually as wide as the Apollo, just a lot more detail and resolution creeping in. So it 'feels' narrower.
    If you really like vocals, ie almost how like the Japanese like to make their IEMs IMO, then you'll prefer the original Zeus. However, I have to say that the R is more detailed and have better resolution, so bear that in mind.
    Contact @Jack Vang if you want customised universals. Or at least the possibility of it.
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  9. esm87
    thanks for the detailed reply, I will message him now
  10. flinkenick
    I think you might be mistaking resolution for clarity. Zeus XIV has the better resolution.
  11. ejong7

    To me, from what I heard when I compare them, the R has better resolution. But YMMV.
  12. Verloren
    It's not a matter of Jack completing orders faster than other companies. It's a possible bug people can exploit for their order and Jack not getting paid properly for it (15 business days to 5 business days).
  13. esm87
    Is there any sonic difference between the zeus custom and universal? Never had a custom IEM and trying to work out if the cost is justified.

    What tips seem to be favoured for the zeus uni?

  14. ejong7

    With the short time I had with my custom, I felt that it was scarily close, though I definitely have to give the nod to the custom. Better seal, thus better response for me.
    I used SpinFit tips with the universal. Although, I personally have a preference for them on all my universals.
  15. esm87
    Really helpful reply, cheers dude, I wonder how foam tips would perform. Im currently using INAIRS on my Aria but am happy to go spin fit route also.
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