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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. klove4252
    I can also vouch for the Plenue S and Zeus-R. I've tried the Zeus with the AK380cu, Paw Gold, Mojo, QP1R, NW-Zx2, and Opus 1. The Plenue S by far has the best synergy with the Zeus, especially if you use a balanced 3.5 TRRS cable with the Zeus.
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  2. Sound Eq
  3. Spamateur

    Bass-wise, both the original and the R have the same quantity and excellent quality. Mids are a bit thicker and bloomier on the original. The R is still mid-centric to some extent but is more neutral than the original. Layering is excellent on both.
  4. Sound Eq
    which do u prefer
  5. Spamateur
    I like the Zeus-R better. They're more of a "reference" signature with better clarity and treble sparkle while still maintaining the emotion and engagement that the Empire Ears lineup is known for.  I posted some comparisons between the two when the Zeus-R was first announced here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/786335/empire-ears-discussion-impressions-formerly-earwerkz/1710#post_12539990
    Some posters here and on the Zeus thread prefer the original due to it being more romantic, but I like the updated version significantly better. It's definitely personal preference at this point, and I can't fault anyone for preferring the OG Zeus over the -R because they're both fantastic.
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  6. Sound Eq
    let me ask it this way, you know every now and then we buy items that just give a wow factor
    so I owned quite good iems, among the ones I owned please check my profile
    would the Zeus R be one of the items that would give this wow effect?
  7. Spamateur
    We've owned some of the same TOTL IEMs and the Zeus-R is the only one I still own. It definitely has "wow factor" to me in that I ordered it on first listen and immediately made plans to sell my K10 and Legend R.
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  8. Sound Eq
    if anyone is selling either the zeus xiv or zeus r for a good deal send me a pm, also remember there is a 15% discount going when you send me an offer
    By the way I have an empire ears called savage 5 which is a 5 BA
    and it sounds awesome
    its a pre- release and suits people who love bass, and it has great mids and highs
  9. Sound Eq
    can i ask which has the biggest soundstage among ee line, and give a 3d effect assuming there is such a thing but with no sacrifice to bass or mids
  10. ReptilynSamurai

    Thanks for sharing the video. It does look like a great player, but I decided that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are important to me, and I like having a second microsd slot. (I like to listen to a particular playlist while sleeping, using Bluetooth speakers, so it should be able to connect to those.) The Plenue was tempting, but I ultimately went with the Pioneer XDP-100R when I found it for a decent price from an Amazon seller, so we shall see how I like it when it arrives!
  11. Spamateur
    Nice! Enjoy it!
  12. Sound Eq
    soon i will join you guys with owning Zeus R, I am just working things out with Jack, what a nice guy 
    Empire Ears is the among very few companies that go extra miles for their customers, I have never seen a guy as nice as Jack
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  13. boomtube
  14. Malevolent
    Welcome to the Empire Ears club! I haven't heard the Zeus R myself, but I'm mighty satisfied with my Zeus XIV. Its mids are magical! [​IMG] 
  15. tusing
    The UE Buffer Jack entirely solved the issue of hiss/distortion for me with absolutely no impact on sound quality.
    It was under $10.
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