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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. kukkurovaca
    Does anybody know what the anticipated turnaround for in-stock universals ordered on black friday? I placed an order Thursday night for a Bravado that was indicated as "limited stock available," and the site says estimated turnaround of 24 hours for in-stock orders. But of course, I imagine they may be slammed with orders and backlogged coming back from a holiday weekend.
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  2. mwhals
    My Phantom is due for completion on December 17th, so it is about 3 weeks of total time. Empire Ears already has my impressions from my custom Legend X.

    For Universals, I guess they go out in the order sequence, so it may depend on where one stands in the queue.
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  3. timorinolee
    Oh wow, how did you find out about the due date completion?
  4. singleended5863
    My Phantom was finished about 4-5 weeks last year because the EE workers or technicians had couple days off from holidays.
    I really like the way Devon Higgins emailed me asking to confirm my design which is the way I want to be finished.
  5. mwhals
    Just email your Empire Ears sales representative.
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  6. olddude
    Not too long. I think mine took a week or a bit more.
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  7. kukkurovaca
    My Bravado arrived yesterday -- enjoying them so far but man, folks were not kidding about the driver flex. It's kind of hilarious. It appears to be worst for me with the supplied Final tips, ironically. Softer material ones seem to be the least problematic. Currently using a set of dual flange that I think came with the Spring 1.
  8. dlegendkiller
    Hello everyone. I hope this message finds you well.
    I ordered Valkyrie and just got it, maybe 2 weeks ago. It's my first custom IEM, coming from Andromeda.
    My impressions were, it isn't that comfortable. It's a little painful to wear it and I can only tolerate maybe 30-60 minutes before it starts to hurt.
    Not sure if I or my ear should really be getting used to it by now, maybe I'm wearing it wrong, but I just wanted to ask, are customs supposed to be harder to wear unlike universals?
    I understand that you have to move it back and forth when putting it in, as suggested by the instructions manual, but I literally have to pull some parts of my ear just to lock it in.

    My other question is, is it normal for the ear to bend a little like that of an elf's ears? See comparison below, on and off.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Finally, the thing that connects the driver and the cable, the metal one is pressed against my skin a little hard. Also, you can see that upper half part of my ear turns a little red after wearing it for a while.

    Thank you for reading and appreciate your future response.
  9. singleended5863
    I have been wearing IEMs (Angie II) and CIEMs (Spartan and Phantom) and have no fitting problems with any of them. Your Valkyrie CIEM might have problem with the impression.
    The way you wear them as seen in the last picture seems not in the right position because the 2 pin metal part must be around 45 degrees angle so the cable can wrap around the back of your ear.
    For my ear I just turn back and forth then push it in deeper for better isolation and more bass.
  10. rantng
    Seems like something is pushing against your inner ear for the top of your ears to push outwards that way. I’ve only experienced that recently while auditioning some IEMs that were too large for my ears; you should contact EE for a refit. Where did you get your impressions done? Did you specify they were for CIEMs? That last picture looks a little concerning. Your ears do look red and the cable shouldn’t be pushing into your ears.
  11. dlegendkiller
    Thanks for your response. I've just tried it again today to get that 45 degree angle and this is the farthest it can go.

    My impressions were done by a shop here in Singapore called Zeppelin & Co. They are nice people and they've been very patient with me through my journey. I visited their shop last week to let them see it and how I wear it.
    I was advised to give it a week to try different ways of wearing them.

    I wish to convert this to a universal but EE responded that it isn't possible unless all options like refitting have been exhausted.
  12. rantng
    I’d give it a few days, unless you’re experiencing pain, rather than a little discomfort. With this being your first custom there may be an adjustment period. EE does have great after-sales service so no need to worry there and it seems Zeppelin is willing to work with you on this.
  13. mvvRAZ
    Are you sure the insertion isn't too deep? Does it feel like it's sort of pressing against your eardrums?
  14. dlegendkiller
    I was advised to return today in case i still feel discomfort or a little pain. Although the person who did the impression said redoing the impression might confuse EE so it's better to reuse the old impression and make little adjustments.
    Is it normal to cause a little discomfort after about 60 minutes of wear? I know it's a different story for universals but I can wear them for 8 hours especially if I'm on a trip.

    The pain is more on the outside of the ear. And if I loosen it a little bit, I would lose isolation and bass and allows more air passage.
  15. mvvRAZ
    I'd say give it another week. When I got my first customs a while back it was also a very strange sensation and I had quite a bit of discomfort

    The general rule is, with wear, discomfort goes away - pain escalates. If you feel like it hurts you, just send it back and they can fix it

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