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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. Tristy
    Yeah I 100% get where you are coming from. I have just done some cable rolling and the same perceptions sets in after playing the first song... both start to sound great! But I guess you just have to stick with your gut feeling and which one brings a smile to your face.
  2. Gavin C4
    Leather texture for faceplate makes the earphone looks elegant, I hope it may be available for selection for other empire ears earphones.
    IMG_20191121_142715 (1).jpg
  3. CrocodileDundee
    That looks really cool!
  4. Tristy
    What’s the driver configuration for them?
  5. MrLocoLuciano
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  6. mr.karmalicious
    Awesome impressions, @Layman1 ! That sucks about the treble sensitivity—I'm personally quite treble sensitive, and the Legends provide the perfect amount for me to enjoy without getting fatiguing. You must be quite sensitive to be bothered by higher-pitched vocals, since those top out somewhere around only 1kHz!

    Back with an album that people might like on... well, I think it has something for most EE headphones! It's Once in a Long, Long While... by Low Roar. Higher-pitched male vocals, very simple but layered production... hard to describe the genre? Think Thom Yorke and earlier Radiohead; kinda post-rock, indie rock—something in that vicinity. The first two tracks in particular are really excellent:

    (and the album is on tidal so you can get proper quality)
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  7. Kenneth Galang
    Holy moly king arthur comes with a priiiiice
  8. mwhals
    Working on finalizing my Phantom design. Suggestions always welcomed. I plan on ordering soon.
  9. Rtalos
    20191122_084320.jpg So, I took the plunge!

    I'm in love, the sound signature is exactly what I was looking for. These are also my first CIEM, and the fit is just perfect, such a weird feeling, it's like I have a magnet inside my ear that just pulls the IEM inside. Thank you Empire Ears and everyone in this thread who helped me with sound impressions!
  10. davidcotton
    Nice. No going back for universals now you know :p
  11. Rtalos
    I've read and heard about the comfort and isolation from customs but actually wearing them it's crazy how big the difference is (atleast for me). You are right, there is no way I can go back now.
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  12. cr3ativ3
    this looks awesome !
  13. mwhals
    I think I narrowed my choices down to three and was able to find all three in real life on EmpireEar’s Facebook page. What luck! Definitely better seeing real than in designer.

    D136EB37-AA86-4C63-8434-4C9CC2EB1AA5.jpeg 07C0F7D2-6AFD-411F-9D5A-D1F5333B0942.jpeg 901D7C33-5D47-4A56-A458-1DD7F987280C.jpeg
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  14. Sifo
    all translucent aqua gets my vote.
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  15. singleended5863
    Last pair looks cooler to me. :wink:

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