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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. aaf evo
    The comfort of customs is a game changer :wink:
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  2. singleended5863
    Totally agreed. Custom IEMs are always stayed fit and good sealed in your ears if you got an excellent impression. However, it has no doubt after EE is fabricating your CIEMs. :slight_smile:
  3. davidcotton
    My stupid right ear will not take any ear tip worth a damn basically, rendering buying universals pretty much pointless. Customs (as Jack will attend :p ) haven't been plain sailing for me either, though at least they fit better. Also found out that one of the reasons I was having so much trouble with customs in the past was my previous audiologist and the way the impressions were taken.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  4. singleended5863
    That is what I am waiting for BF to get Valkyrie CIEMs. :smile_phones:
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  5. pali
    Just got a uni Legend X to pair with my uni Phantom and recently told myself "there has to be a more comfortable solution".

    I cant go customs coz my wife will kill me. Has anyone had success with any custom eartips? I contacted Advanced Sound and they said theirs don't work that well with EE designs.
  6. davidcotton
    Far as I can see universal and custom of the Legends are the same price minus additional customization charges? "All" you would be adding would be the price of the impressions really. Unless you share your hobby with the wife?
  7. timorinolee
    Unfortunately most companies won't make custom ear tips for EE models due to the lack of a lip in their universal shells..
  8. davidcotton
    One way around it is to use the adapters that come with spinfit and symbios and the like.
  9. mr.karmalicious
    Might have to do with resale value, too...

    @Tristy you can also just order them over black friday if you don't have impressions by then—you can choose "I will send in my impressions" when you check out. just in case you didn't know :)
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  10. Tristy
    Thanks, do you know if you can send them prior to purchasing them?
  11. mwhals
    It is best to purchase before sending in, because you get paperwork that goes with the ear impressions that includes the order number. Sending in before ordering could result in them getting lost since no order would be with them.
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  12. pali
    Yeah, usually when we travel, she asks to use my Phantoms and I get stuck with my beater IEMS. At least now we have 2 really good options to share. Also has to do with resale value.

    That's exactly what Advanced Sound said! I hope somebody has made them work.

    I just ordered Radians custom earplugs and was thinking of cutting out 90% of the bell shaped part of my spare Symbios so that the extra bit at the top acts as a lip and the tube part will just be gripping the EE shells. Please tell me if this is a bad idea. LOL

    Super interesting, which adaptors are these? I use symbios and take out the foam bit.
  13. timorinolee
    Good sir, if it works, you may have solved the lip problem = you can start a custom sleeves side project for all universal EE owners..
  14. Progisus
    This works for me as well. I also use them without foam on my Fourte's. They also provide a more neutral sound without the foam then other tips in my collection.
  15. Layman1
    Symbio released a new ear tip model - the Symbio Peel - a little while back - basically the same as their standard wide-bore hybrid tips, but with no foam.
    So once you've used up your existing batch, you can buy these to save you some time and effort :)

    Also, as you're doubtless aware, the tips consist of a silicone outer and a rubber 'core' that fits over the nozzle.
    For IEM's whose nozzles are too small to fit the Symbio tips (both the wide-bore or regular-bore ones), they offer a product which is just that inner core by itself.
    The regular ear tips can then be slid onto these extra cores, and I suspect that this might indeed offer greater stability on IEMs that have no lips on their nozzles.

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