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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. k4rstar
    Very exciting news; congratulations on the new website. I thought the current one could've used some improvements [​IMG]
  2. Jobbing
    @Jack Vang: Now that custom-cable.co.uk is going to be Audio Sanctuary, any chance will finally appoint a European reseller and have them to carry the (C)IEMs?

    Also, is there any chance you will be granted licensing for the Asius Technology for either passive or active hearing protection? The post with pics of you having talks with Vitaly was very promising. That was a few months ago and now Stephen Ambrose seems to make way for licensing the tech, I hope it will be you incorporating it.

    Looking forward to meet you at CanJam
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  3. Satir
  4. davidcotton

    Did that not evolve into the supra II?
  5. boblauer
    Yes, that's the new 2 driver model. 
  6. Cotnijoe
    Isn't it right here?
  7. Jazzi

  8. Cotnijoe
    Oh God... let it begin [​IMG]
  9. SomeWiseGuy
  10. AxelCloris Administrator
  11. Satir
  12. Malevolent
    The previous design was pretty good enough, Jack! Classy yet reserved. Can't wait to see what you've cooked up!
    Btw, on my side, it says 0 Days, 0 Hours, 0 Minutes, 0 Seconds. [​IMG] 
  13. moedawg140 Contributor

    The Supra models are the same, except the housings are different. :beerchug:
  14. Midgetguy
    You need to come to the US. It says over 13 hours on mine [​IMG]
  15. Jobbing
    It says 1 hour left in CEST (should be live at 00:00 CEST)
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