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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I can't think of a genre of music the Zeus isn't amazing with!

    That said, I use the -R setting mostly over the -XIV as I prefer a flatter sound.
  2. choisan
    i still like my zeus xra while my valky gives me more bass and more forward vocal, i switch back and forth
  3. mr.karmalicious
    hot take:

    the legend x,,, is Very Good

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  4. mwhals
    YES! It is very good to me! It has gotten a straight month of head time for me. It is soon time to give the A12t a long stretch too, but I have to tear myself away from Legend X. :)
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  5. Barra
    Check out my signature, have another EE:US tour starting soon featuring the Wraith/Valkyrie if you haven't already registered where you can hear it for yourself.
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  6. gazzington
    Do you use them with metal?
  7. mr.karmalicious
    Glad to hear it! On that note...

    @SBranson how are you doing? Have you gotten a bit more used to the Legends yet?
  8. fallooffie
    Thanks for the reply Barra but I already signed up Sept 20 with you. I’m sure it’s hard to keep track of all of us off the top of your head :wink:
  9. SBranson
    Thanks for asking. I had a 60 hour work week last week so I’ve not had much time. But, to be frank, it’s not been working out as well as I had hoped.
    I sold my M11 and will be trying the XDP300r, courtesy of @Colors and hope that that will mesh better.

    I seem to find that the are some albums, Samaris particularly, that sound quite good but then there are others that really don't sound good at all. I don't know if I'm still pining for the Phantom midrange and their natural sound or that the LX just don't really suit my music to my ears.
    I never listen to hip hop but tried a couple tracks and they sound really good for that but I tried some Peter Gabriel last night and they really didn't sound any better than some $200 iems I've had..
    I'm really perplexed. It could be the recordings though so I'm trying to keep an open mind.
    What's odd is that though I feel these to be an upgrade of the Bravado, or a more intense version with everything turned up to 11, I didn't have the same feelings with the Bravado. Maybe the LX is bringing out flaws more in the recordings that the Bravados glossed over.. not sure.
    I sure do like the lack of hiss though compared to the Phantoms... but again, a different DAP may change that.
    One thing I noticed though was that the LX seemed to sound better on high gain on the M11.

    I'm not going to be too hasty as it's been a tough week but I suspect that I will not be staying with these for too long. I'm already eyeing the U12t or possibly the Zeus and if either of those don't work out I might go for a custom Phantom..
    The Phantom didn't do everything right but so far has done more right for me than any other I've tried.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  10. cr3ativ3
    LX needs power to shine !
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  11. singleended5863
    Right on. Love the Phantom! :smile_phones:
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  12. olddude
    The first four or five Peter Gabriel albums were impeccably mixed and mastered. What were you listening to?
  13. SBranson
    Specifically it was “Blood of Eden” off of “Us”. I just sounded kinda smeared.
    I’m going to wait until the new DAP shows up and try again. Until then I’m going to try to stop judging and stop commenting on the sound. I know very well that state of mind can be a big influence and I need to relax a bit with these.
  14. Wyville
    Last review done, back to my "precious". :wink: Listening to this:

    With this:
    It's an older picture and I use the Cowon Plenue 2 these days instead of the AK70, but this pairing sounds so good with that music. Tickles me just right! :D
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
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  15. mr.karmalicious
    I'm sorry to hear that—I feel bad having recommended it, now, in spite of how much I love mine! Hopefully a little more time and a little more power change things for you.

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