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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. Deezel177
    It supposed to be a flagship tri-brid with ESTs, BAs and DDs. It was teased at a recent event in Hong Kong, but Jack explained that it's still very early in development with nowhere near the final sound tuning. So, it looks like we'll have to wait 'til at least some time into next year until it comes out.
  2. Sound~Patriot
    Nice!!.... sounds like a hell of a wallet burner! Wheeee!


    At least me and my bank account have enough time to discuss this!
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  3. fallooffie
    Is there a feeling that Odin is going to surpass the wraith in terms of cost?
  4. KPzypher
    I sure hope not. Although I like high-end gear, and don't mind spending extra cash on things non-audiophile might say "3K on an earphones? you're retarded" But I do have my limits. And at that price point, it's definitely not worth it (to me), especially on something purely subjective as IEMs. Truth is, you can find a decent IEMs at any price point, one that'll let you enjoy listening to music.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
  5. fallooffie
    Unfortunately for me and my bank account I’m the type of person who gets accustomed to what used to be a high price bracket and suddenly the next tier up doesn’t seem so bad and the cycle continues upward haha
  6. mr.karmalicious
    that's the goal...

    anyway, with the price of the LX vs. the price of the Phantom—and the corresponding increase in difficulty for both constructing and tuning a device like the LX over the Phantom, and thus the Odin over the Wraith—it seems clear that the Odin will be more expensive than the Wraith.
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  7. twiceboss
    Hi guys, update on EVR:

    everything sounds perfect on the first impression but after about 10 hours of listening. I know what is missing now. Imaging and highs. Will Zeus serve me better if i want the better imaging and better highs?
  8. singleended5863
    Agreed. I listened to amp8W and DX200TI before.
  9. mr.karmalicious
    yeah but having more highs is going to come at the cost—by default—of a bit of the vocals, I imagine. hence the V in EVR...
  10. twiceboss
    i prefer cranking my 10khz above about 5 to 7dB for that sparkle. It solve the sparkle problem but i want imaging. I feel like the airy it gets, the better vocals to my ears. So, should i go with zeus? And if im not mistaken the massdrop edition will be equally the same sound right?
  11. KPzypher
    That's a poor excuse and justification. Price increase/difference from phantom to LX doesn't automatically justify Odin's speculated high price tag. And there are plenty of Estats on the market right now for far less price. Corresponding increase in difficulty construction and tuning? really? what are you basing this on? Does it justify 3.5K+ (your logic) price tag? These are market available ESTATS, and how much do you think they're paying for these at wholesale? What do you think will be the total production cost of the ODIN? I guarantee they're fraction of the cost they're charging the customers. Case in point, Campfire Audio is supposedly using bellsing BAs for their 1.5K IEMs. Is that price owing to your logic of construction difficulty? Plus, these boutique companies invest far less in R&D compared to big companies such as Sony and Sennheiser. So you can't really say that's where all the money is going. Companies are getting away with murder because they have willing customers easily justifying the high cost. It's a highly inflated market disproportionate to build quality and the production cost.

    Not arguing with you. Just stating my opinion.
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  12. mr.karmalicious
    The MD Zeus is probably a great deal according to folks here (not my preferred sound, so I couldn't say). Honestly, I'd just grab one—if it's not to your taste, you can probably resell it without taking much of a hit at all.


    EVR in red and Zeus in green, btw
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2019
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  13. mr.karmalicious
    lmao bro i'm not sure why you think i'm saying "$4k for IEMs is good, actually"; I'm just saying that given the fact that these will be harder to make than extant models—and given the example of DD inclusion generating a higher cost—that they'll probably be more expensive.

    also, uh, i guarantee that every cost of manufacturing of every IEM ever sold is a fraction of the MSRP... i actually think that this may generalize to other products. on a less sarcastic note—yeah, there's a ton of markup. it's a luxury company selling luxury products; it's to be expected if not justified. OTOH, if you wind up finding a comparable IEM with the rumored 2/5/4 DD/BA/EST setup, I have a feeling it's also gonna be pretty expensive. I'm not sure why you bring up CA; Ken is a racist jackass who happens to have been involved in the making of a few good sets—it's not surprising that they're using some random BAs in their poorly-constructed IEMs.
  14. SETriode
    I have MD Zeus and its really good for vocal and very good resolution & imaging; only a bit lacking in bass.
    You should try qdc Anole VX if you can. I like them very much, very good resolution/transparency, very good vocal and high, and surprisingly good bass.
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  15. twiceboss
    VX is in my radar. Would you tell me how's the vocals on it compare to zeus? Which one has better depth imaging and soundstage?

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