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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. duaned
    Finally got my Valkryie’s today! I’m a happy chappy!

  2. Sound~Patriot
    ... whut ??

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  3. markie
  4. Wyville
    That is a pretty bold claim considering I do still pop by here every now and then.... :D
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  5. CrocodileDundee
    Which case is that?
  6. CrocodileDundee
    Miss my Z1r...
  7. duaned
    So what’s the recommendation for a dap to drive the Valkyrie to its best? I’m current using a Sony WM1A and it just feels like it cannot drive the Valkyrie’s to their best.
  8. Vitaly2017

    I think you need to reedit your text ;p

    Hahaha thats good to see fans of phantoms to revoke them self's.

    Its a good iem pairs well with wm1z

    Ummmm I had the same feel with my ier-z1r until I got my self the custom in ear tips. It changed everything. Now it more dynamic and sounds more even.

    Are your using custom valkyrie?

    You may wana consider maybe add an oriolus ba300s with wm1a or even wa11. It will be awesome brings the sound to a whole new level.

    I ordered min for me 1z waiting for it to arrive.
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  9. Vitaly2017
    I saw the graph of frequency for wraight valkyrie Lx and phantom....

    If think of it and I really love phantom and also I am easily distressed by peaky trebles. Hearing Lx treble and I know it was very good and not piercing. Now seeing valkyrie to have even more treble then Lx this is raising questions for me. Will it be to much or to strong and zinging to strongly for my taste.

    On the other thought it looks like wraight is probably the all mighty ultimate phantom haha. With super refined detail retrieval and higher resolution. According to the graph wraith and phantom are on the same line of sound. But wraight being slightly more linear and even more refined, by correcting the frequencies like reducing bass a little and raising treble....
    I dont know this is just my guess by looking at the graphes! EE_IEM_comparison_frequency_graph.png
  10. BananaOoyoo
    It's an IEM the person I responded to can take a look at? Dunno what's confusing here.
  11. Layman1
    Well, I can recommend the iBasso DX220 (around $900 USD), specifically with AMP8 which - if I recall correctly - has the most power of any of their AMP units and can drive pretty much anything as much as you want.
    You can also custom mod it (or pay someone to do it for you, as I did), and get an even better sound. There's a whole thread with instructions for that.

    Of course, it also gives you the option to use other AMP units for playing around with sound signature, so it's very versatile.

    I haven't tried the new A&K SP2000 (or SP1000+Amp, or Kann), but based on specs, perhaps any of those might offer a similar level of power, and probably an improvement in UI and speed, albeit at a huge price increase.

    Another option of course is to invest in a separate Amp, although if you're using it on the go mostly, that might prove to be too inconvenient.
    But if that's not an issue, that opens up whole new realms of options :)
  12. singleended5863
    DX220 and amp1mk2.
  13. Layman1
    This was actually the combination I used at CanJam to demo the Valkyrie! It sounded very good, no doubt.
    The AMP1 Mk II is relatively neutral and reference sounding, but with a nice tinge of musicality and is known for having good mids.
    As such, I suspect it may bring out the mids a bit more more and as such, make the Valkyrie sound *a little bit* more linear and possibly tame it slightly.

    Conversely, AMP8 is dynamic and powerful, with a relatively more impactful low end, improved soundstage and all sorts of things that make me think it would match very well with the Valkyrie.
    I think there might be a synergy there, but in this case, you'd probably have to love the sound of the Valkyrie to begin with; if you found it too much already in the low end - for example - then this combo might not be for you.
    I need to make clear that this is speculation, albeit based on having demoed the Valkyrie with DX220+AMP1 Mk II, and owning the AMP8.
    Just trying to help out if possible :)
  14. CANiSLAYu
    See this post.
  15. KPzypher
    Is Odin EST based hybrid w/ a DD for the low end? Where can I find more info about the Odin? Quick search on the net isn't revealing much. Thanks.
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