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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. CANiSLAYu
    If you don't like LX I don't think you'll like the Valkyrie. Yes Valkyrie has more energy up top, and the bass is less than LX, but still very potent/present (I have both and just my untrained guesstimate would be Valkyrie has 85-90% of the bass impact of LX). Don't buy without trying. If you're close to NYC, you should be able to audition at Audio46.
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  2. Rozeqloud
    i am very curious to see how these CIEMs are made from the ground up,esp, EE with multiple+ drivers

    i found the headfi youtube video(from 2015 i think, very good one) and some dude making his own, but i would like even more detailed Infos in a video, like building a ship in a bottle this is, but a lot more complex

    i would even like to see how the various drivers are built, or maybe that`s inside Infos they cant share?

    Does anyone know of any good how its done videos for this?

    It was interesting to learn that Alex van Halen got this ball rolling back in 95 because he did not want to blow his ears out from his live drum monitor

  3. proedros
    there are some universal Zeus XIV (massdrop edition) selling here for as low as 800$ (when the original Zeus sells for 2000$)

    you may wanna try them out , ifyoulike them the price is fantastic for a TOTL iem , if not (worse case scenario) you simply resell them here for zero loss
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  4. Owludio
    Thanks, I'm on Drop, so obviously it was on my radar. Its very very tempting. but 2 reasons, why it's not an option:
    1. No more BA bass. 2. For a treble-head - trying EST treble is like trying crack cocaine - no going back to BA after that. That's why Valkyrie is still under consideration even with my affinity to flat FR:)
  5. diadack
    I didn’t find the bass very potent at all. I think these iems are very different in overall tonal characteristics. You should 100% try them all before you buy them if you have the opportunity.
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  6. mr.karmalicious
    They're not 3D printed, so... a mold is made from the impressions, and then resin is poured in, I suppose... adding and soldering and wiring all of the drivers crossover is done by hand by super-talented people; it seems incredibly difficult. The BAs aren't manufactured in-house; not sure about the W9 drivers (@ajyagle , @Devon Higgins ?). 3D printing would definitely be much easier, and is also easier to understand...

    Also—if you schedule a visit with EE, you may be able to see the workspace!

    edit: according to this, the W9 is manufactured in-house.

    (though they may want to fix this typo!!)
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  7. mr.karmalicious
    Unrelated to that—does anybody get quite noticeable oxidation on their Ares II?

  8. Giullian
    Wow...that's a couple month old cable, really said for this price. Concerned about mine now.
  9. ajyagle
    This is not characteristic of the Ares. I've never seen this happen actually.
    I'm reaching out to you now Ben.

    Usually the cable will darken a little over time, but definitely not like this, this quickly, or even of this nature. It shouldn't be a concern, but if you have a something similar happen, reach out.
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  10. mr.karmalicious
    I'm not too concerned; part of why I went with EE is that they seemed to go above and beyond to make sure people are happy. 20 minutes later, and everything's taken care of :)
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  11. Giullian
    That's a good Customer Service. We bought our LX around the same time, so I will keep an eye on mine. :)

    Thanks @ajyagle . Really quick support is more than appreciated.
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  12. Giullian
    I made a question on a couple cable manufacturers about PVC being used as outer shield and it reacting to UV light and becoming rigid and brittle as I read a few people around here had this problem after around a year. The only one that answered was EA, saing to take care of the cable. :frowning2:

    But UV light is basicly sunlight, so take care would be not walk around with yoir IEM?

    So Kids, PVC reacts with UV light and have that in mind when buying cables. :)
  13. Rozeqloud
    Cheers mate

    i m indeed every time i put my LX in my ears if the producing/engineering etc is properly done it can ofy be an out of the head experience
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  14. cr3ativ3
    I had my ares around 3/4 year .. and nothing like that ... meanwhile it’s sold .. and replaced with Thor silver 2 with 4.4mm
  15. olddude
    I've had an Ares for two years and no issue. Others for a year +. No issue. And I walk in daylight with them.

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