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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. mr.karmalicious
    It's a bassy IEM, but it's not dark. BUT, if you're not used to dynamic bass and if you're not used to having that much of it, it can sound bloated and overbearing.

    My two cents: If you give yourself a little to adjust—and you're not the kind of person who hugely prefers a Zeus-style FR curve—you'll like it. There's plenty of top-end there, and it's lovely and detailed and (thank god) not fatiguing. It's just that the pure quantity of bass can be distracting from everything else if you're not accustomed to it. Worse comes to worst, you can always EQ down the the bass by a few dB and it should respond beautifully on account of the crossover network.
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  2. duaned
    Next time you visit Minidisc have a listen to the Legend X again but with the larger bore sedan tips. It does help toward a better balance on both ends of the audio spectrem to the human ear.
  3. Giullian
    Or just go straight to order Customs... :)

    Those large bore where the ones I tried. actually as it doesn't have the shell doesn't have a lip to hold the tips in place, the one I tried was so deep that looked more like a custom with silicone around it.
  4. Owludio
    I'm going to post for sale my Legend X that I had for less than 3 month. Not my preferred signature. I discovered that I'm leaning toward flat, rather then V. Cannot get used to it. Giving up...
  5. duaned
    PM me a price
  6. Barra
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  7. diadack
    Has anyone had a chance to compare the trio to the legend X?
  8. proedros
    Zeus XR is calling your name
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  9. Giullian
    Zeus or the new Wraith would be the call, I would say.
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  10. Owludio
    Does Empire Ears honor warranty only to first/original owner?
  11. Tyven
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  12. proedros
    @Owludio , if you want to buy a universal EE iem that's stillcovered by warranty you will be fine - Jack and EE are very nice dudes

    however EE does not offer reshell to customs bought 2nd hand , so if it's a used custom you are thinking of getting , i'd say better to buy a new custom
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  13. Owludio
    Thanks! I've been lucky enough not to need custom. LX universal fit me well, albeit little too large so it sticks out. I was considering Valkyrie but worried that it's still too much of a V FR.
  14. SBranson
    Look back a few pages at the Valkyrie graph.. I think it would be too V for you. (also based on your comments in the Fearless thread)
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  15. Owludio
    Thanks. I have, and that's when it occurred to me.
    But there is one big difference that graph does not show: EST treble! LX trebble is not very forgiving unlike Fearless Roland, that has EST.
    Valkyrie also has less bass. For some recordings more treble wouldn't hurt. And I cannot deny, LX bass is epic, just to much of it.

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