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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

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  1. Docterror
    The blue shade of the shell, both the faceplates and the dark shell of these are significantly different to the one that you posted in your review. Did you get the entire Zeus redone?
  2. Cotnijoe
    The faceplate were changed. I think the shells look a bit different due to the background being a lot lighter of a color, which reflects on the transparent shells.
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  3. flinkenick
    Hello everybody I would like to share my thoughts on Zeus XIV vs Zeus-R.
    The main critique on Zeus, was that its treble was too tame which resulted in a strong midcentric signature. Because of this, Zeus was a bit of a specialist rather than an allround performer. What it did good, it did exceptionally well, but it was also limited in its versatility across different genres. Every iem will always have its own weakness and strengths according to its signature, and manufacturers can easily shrug complaints off because of this. There are only a few companies that listen to feedback from its customers as Empire Ears and Jack specifically.
    Incorporating the critique resulted in the revised tuning of Zeus-R. Zeus-R has a more neutral signature. Because there is more balance between the midrange and treble, instruments sound more dynamic because of their relative positioning compared to the vocals. The opened up treble gives Zeus a more spacious stage, because of the additional width and more distant positioning of vocals. The net effect is that Zeus is more allround and versatile for different genres, besides the more spacious stage.
    But at the same time, it’s important to understand that the revision is per definition a sidegrade; it’s a retuning of frequencies. So where there’s a peak somewhere, there’s a dip somewhere else. I always felt that Zeus’ signature was reflected in its name; the most powerful god, and ruler of them all. But because Zeus-R’s midrange is relatively less prominent, it is also less forward in its presentation, less bold. Vocals are not as full and powerful.
    Zeus-XIV’s stage might be less wide, it felt more holographic to me. In addition, Zeus-R’s midrange resolution is slightly less than Zeus-XIV. Don’t get me wrong, Zeus-R’s technical capability is of course still is at least as good as any TOTL – but it is just a teency bit less than the absolute summit fi status it had with only the 5-way (at least in my opinion). I’ve written it before in my review; preference for signature will vary between each listener, and because of EE’s tuning choice, its signature might not be for everyone. But besides listening to its signature, I also sit back and enjoy listening to sheer technical excellence. The precise imaging and resolution, the 3D stage, things that set Zeus apart from what is already TOTL. Of course I’m not saying that the difference in technical ability between R and XIV is radically different. In fact, I highly doubt most will care about it or even hear it. But for me personally, it is an aspect I factor in my preference. 
    I thought at the time that Empire Ears made a very daring and bold decision to tune Zeus the way they did, where everybody (including me) was most likely expecting a more neutrally tuned signature. With the Zeus-R, Empire Ears has come back on that decision, and has given the people the signature they were expecting in the first place. Zeus XIV is without a doubt a specialist, but for me that only gives extra value within a collection of ciems. But of course I am fortunate enough to speak having other ciems to complement it.
    I think Zeus-R is going to be a better choice for the greater deal of the people, as it has important key strengths over Zeus XIV. Overall Zeus-R is still one of the, if not the best, ciems I have every heard. However, I will send back Zeus to be retuned to XIV. I prefer its midcentric signature, and in my opinion, bit of refinement it has over Zeus-R. Jack is going to offer both tuning options, either XIV or R, so I hope this might help people get a clearer image of both options - their relative strengths and weaknesses, as in my opinion neither is better than the other. 
  4. flinkenick
    Jack informed me that there are in fact different components in Zeus-R; the crossover system is revised, there is a different network although the drivers of course are the same. In addition, they added some resistors to dampen the hissing. So this might also be an extra factor for people experiencing hiss from their sources. 
  5. essentiale
    So how many way crossover is the Zeus R? There seems to have no proper specs available.
  6. Zenifyx
    It's an 8-way crossover AFAIK.
  7. Ethan Groover
    It is an 8 way, 7 crossover design.
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  8. alvinmate
    Hi Guys,

    I'm interested in the universal series...Spartan Iv and Hermes vi......does anyone own these models as I would like some impressions..... Also how they compare to similar priced IEMs...I'm eyeing campfire andromeda...noble new classic line...so any insights would be helpful....

  9. Dellwolf
    I'm not sure if you have read my comparative review of the full Empire lineup, but it is on page 116 of this tread if you would like to, I believe it will help you out.
  10. alvinmate
    Thanks mate for the quick response.... Didn't go that far back... I will have a look now....

    Thanks again....

  11. Watagump
    Be careful, some of my genius postings are on page 116. [​IMG]
  12. Docterror
    Oh, the pain of waiting! I wish I could go into into hibernation till the postman comes... And all this despite Jack having one of the best turnover times in the industry.
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  13. Kerouac
    Nice new avatar!!! [​IMG]
    Is that a pic of your (already finished) Zeus?
  14. Docterror

    That's the concept. With the shells matching inversely. And if anyone can make it real, Jack can! [​IMG]
    I wish I was working this weekend (and every day) until it arrives. And then the work people (and the Mrs) will let me lock myself in my room for at least a week. Ah, Utopia±
  15. Tony1110

    I think I've pulled an abdominal muscle, using a Swiss ball, no less. As my IEMs have arrived back with me, and as they fit perfectly and sound fantastic now, the idea of ringing my boss and doing precisely that is pretty appealing.

    Anyone searching for a mid-tier DAP that sounds great with these earphones and keeps hiss to a minimum? Try the Shanling M5. Just like an iPod Classic, but an iPod Classic that sounds good.
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