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Empire Ears - Discussion & Impressions (Formerly EarWerkz)

  1. Deezel177
    I've always found that complaint strange. It's never occurred to me - whether on ADEL or APEX. Does it maybe depend on individual anatomy, or was his specific unit faulty perhaps? Did you try his specific unit or another store demo?
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  2. Sebastien Chiu
    My Spartans finished today! I will update the thread here with a picture for everyone to see as soon as I get them from Devon. I can't wait to see them myself, first set of CIEMs is going to be a very interesting experience!
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  3. DatDudeNic
    That i havent thought of before... But it was cool to try it out though, but with the newer 64 audio models, the adel was working without a hitch.
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  4. singleended5863
    @Sebastien Chiu
    You won’t regret the Spartans and hope you’ll like them as I still do with mine even though I will receive my Phantoms in about next 2 weeks. :smile_phones:
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  5. DatDudeNic
    Congrats on the phantoms in advance man! Wish i could hear it.
  6. Sebastien Chiu
    @singleended58 I know I won't! Just hoping my ear impressions were a great job so the fit is as good as can be,

    I had the universals which already offered a better than average seal and loved them, hence why I pulled the trigger on the spartans. I'm particularly interested in how the transfer to a custom variant affects the bass response.
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  7. singleended5863
    The Spartans will concentrate more with midrange and treble and just little bit on bass as they are made that way. However, if you add a good OCC Litz Cable (I have the EA Ares II 4 and 8 wires) the bass will appear clearly more. I really love the vocals more with Spartans than other cables I own.
  8. davidcotton
    Man I'd love a decent pair of ciems to fit me first time straight off the bat. Each time I try it it turns into a marathon, so fingers crossed for you @Sebastien Chiu for a decent fit. The only thing that I can think that is throwing my impressions off is that I had a cycling accident and had to have my front three teeth replaced with a false unit. I'm just wondering if that can affect the jaw position when using the bite block. Sometimes wonder if a set of impressions taken with the bite block on the side of the mouth (something my new audiologist did suggest but in the end didn't go for as I wasn't as familiar with it) would help, or maybe a closed set.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
  9. quodjo105
    My custom phantoms shipped today ..can't wait
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  10. davidcotton
    Good luck to you as well with the fit.
  11. singleended5863
    My Phantoms are also shipped today and I will receive on Tuesday 1/8/19. So excited in trying with DX208TI-EX and Ares II 8 and Eros II 8. :smile_phones:
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  12. Devon Higgins
    I'm not super involved in the Massdrop release, but from my understanding, everything is on time and running according to plan!
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  13. Kerouac
    I just posted this in another thread, but as EE IEMs play a big part, I also share my impressions over here...

    During the past weeks I had (and still have) 3 interesting loaners over at my house, thanks to Nic (and @Wyville for forwarding them to me). The following is just a basic impressions trilogy of those loaners. As they were the only items that I listened to during that period, it felt as if there was some kinda connection between the three, while logically there wasn’t any, besides that they’re expensive items on a loan. Anyway, here we go...

    1) EarSonics Grace: The ‘French’ connection

    Now, there’s a movie called The French Connection (1971) with Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider. This was a raw and 'in your face' kind of movie. I would say that the EarSonics Grace, although they’re made in France, are almost the opposite of that. They have a very sophisticated and elegant (not raw at all) way of bringing you lots of detail and the soundstage is impressive. A beautiful and gracefull (name well chosen) signature indeed.

    Just before I got them I read some reviews on them, so it wasn’t a total surprise that they sounded good. The part about the Spiral Dot (usually my favorites with universals) tips written by @subguy812 immediately worked in a 'Don’t push the red button' kind of way for me...
    ...and of course they got stuck in my ears on both sides when I removed the Grace. But luckily after 3 hours of intense surgery everything was allright again. I also (tried and) had to agree on the cable part. I’m aware that the Grace was tuned with the stock cable in mind, but I couldn’t help prefering it with an aftermarket cable like the Ares II over the stock cable myself too.

    2) Empire Ears Legend X: The ‘Sweet Holy Mother of Bass’ connection

    The Legend X was one of the few IEMs that I was still curious about over the last year. And I was even a bit afraid that when I should get that chance I might like them over my Phantom.

    When I first listened to the Legend X it was with the Effect Audio Horus cable and I was very impressed (understatement) from the start. Especially the (gotta love that DD) bass and soundstage immediately stood out, but that was no surprise as I also read quite some positive impressions/reviews over the last year on this one. It sounded extremely good, dynamic and holographic to my ears and I think that Zeus XR + Legend X + Phantom could be a 'close to perfection' IEM trilogy collection. Not much left to wish for with those 3 signatures in tha house, except a good source to do them justice of course. Quality wise they're not that far apart imo, but they surely do have different strengths and therefor I can also totally understand why one might prefer one of them above the others. Imo they all 3 already have a well deserved legendary status.

    3) Effect Audio Horus: The ‘Golden Touch’ connection

    Yes, I’m a cable believer and I’m aware that many of you out there are not. But my ears and brain are able to convince me (which is enough for me) that I can hear differences in sound signature / quality when I switch from one cable to another.

    When I switched the EA Horus after a few days from the Legend X to the Phantom it totally hit the 'Sweet Spot' for me. I just couldn't get myself to switch back to another cable after that. I already liked the Phantom a lot with the Ares II 8 wire over the past months, but with the Horus the clarity, resolution and imaging improved in a way that I found hard to categorize as 'fine tuning'. The Phantom clearly scaled up to my ears and that was not something that made me 100% happy, as I also realised at the same time that there is no way that I can talk myself into spending another $1600 on a cable right now. So, I will enjoy this combination while I can and will try to convince myself that it was just a sweet (spot) dream once it has gone back to its original owner.

    Untill now I considered the Zeus XR (switch mainly on R) + PW1960 2 wire from the RW AK380 Cu as my best (at least in a technical way) sounding synergy combination.
    But now the Phantom + EA Horus from the LPG probably has surpassed that synergy wise and conquered that personal #1 spot.
    Solid gold to my ears!!!

    Btw, none of the above Christmass tree decoration items was hurt during the above smartphone photoshoot.
    Thanks for reading and best 2019 (audio) wishes to all of you out there!
  14. singleended5863
    1B11687F-FED5-4A8C-826B-3C4613BD31D4.jpeg 2A079A0F-E15D-4143-9A9B-45231707D643.jpeg Woohoo! Phantoms are here. :smile_phones:
  15. ngd3
    Been using my Legend X at work with the RME ADI-2 DAC. Absolutely amazing how well they respond to EQ, must be the fancy crossover system

    +5db 20-60hz, -2db 150hz, +/- treble to taste = clean thunder :)
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