Emilie Autumn
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Oct 28, 2004
So every once in a while I come across an artist that actually does something cool and heartfelt in the name of art and creativity (instead of just another cookie-cutter money grab that you primarily hear on popular radio these days).

My latest discovery is Emilie Autumn. Specifically, her CD titled "Opheliac". It is difficult for me to categorize her music, but I can clearly hear her influences, some of which likely include:

Fiona Apple
The Dresden Dolls
Nine Inch Nails
Tori Amos
Bach (violin & harpsicord)
Annie Lennox

Take all of the above artists and put them in a blender and hit puree, and the result is Emilie Autumn's Opheliac.

If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned artists, I would urge you to give Opheliac a listen. I doubt you will be disappointed.

The bonus is that it is an amazing CD to listen to through a pair of headphones.
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Nov 20, 2004
Her "Victoriandustrial" sound is damn entertaining that I've been enjoying off and on since '06. I had the Opheliac EP, love the full release of it. And the re-issue of Enchant is great, though totally different from Opheliac. I tracked down a number of the EPs, which tend to be more hit or miss. But she's definitely a unique blend of stuff that's worth checking out if you're looking for something off the beaten path.

She's also on tour this fall, and it's a show I've been interested in seeing for a while, so I'm looking forward to finally having a chance to see a performance.

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