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Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 5, 2006
This past week was the anniversary of his death. I myself am 54 yo and remember his music well....I have some favorites. His style was undoubtedly unique at the time and his fan base was vast. I must say however that going with "imitation is the greatest form of flattery" I can't recall anyone trying to copy his style in the 60's and 70's. We all are aware of the hundreds of Elvis impersonators available around the world now, but I cannot recall any artist attempting to copy his style back then. If anyone can post someone that was semi successful that would be appreciated. I am wondering if it was out of respect or that his "style" was considered done. I feel he did change the face of rock and roll but can't remember anyone else considered a copy...  
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The only singer of note in the UK that started out copying Elvis was Cliff Richard . He started out with that semi-sneer of the bottom lip dropping as he sung . But he was nowhere near the class of Elvis-Bombed  in the US . but quickly changed to ballads.Some smaller figures here but they didn't last.Only one Elvis . It was a shock to me while driving in the western highlands of Scotland to hear he had died.  His manager wouldn't let him perform in the UK as he entered the US not quite legally from Holland. And didn't want any trouble from immigration. Having said that the only time he was on UK soil was when his plane landed for refueling on the way back from Germany in Prestwick airport --Scotland. While I liked his music the NO 1 US singer for me was Buddy Holly. Got most of his UK LPs and many  CDs of his music. More  males in the UK could relate to him more because he looked just like them.Although most females voted for Elvis.I remember listening to US rock /do - wop/blues in the 50s on radio.UK radio was too reserved then. There will never be another Elvis.
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Forgot about Cliff Richard. I didn't know about the no UK thing....thanks for sharing.
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Yes tjohnusa- I do forget about Cliff Richards hes not my favorite singer and I said nobody will equal Elvis.He is a Legend if only his manager had let him tour the World.but he didnt want deported.when his entry into the US was " irregular" He stands alongside--Frank Sinatra. World wise. 

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