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Electrostats Comparison

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by BadDude, May 26, 2019.
  1. BadDude
    I'm currently looking to buy a pair of electrostatics. I'm interested in SR-009S, Shangri-La Jr, and VOCE. I'd appreciate if any of you out there have heard these headphones could provide me with some impression as I haven't gotten a chance to audition any of them yet.
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  2. BreadMaster
    Get the SR-009S, forget the other two.
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  3. BadDude
    Your reason being?
  4. BreadMaster
    What amp/source are you planning on using?
  5. BadDude
    For office rig, SRM-D50 dac/amp playing from Roon.

    For home rig, BHSE + Hugo TT2 also playing from Roon.

    Main genres (not in any particular order): pop, edm, classical, acoustic, jazz, country.

    From my point of view, I think I'd benefit from VOCE's warm sound and bass impact for edm and pop. However, the 009S would be better for the rest. I have no idea how the Shangri-La Jr fair against the other two.
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  6. LTKI
    I compared the 009S to the Shangri La Jr recently, and my impression was that the treble of the Shangri La did not have that electrostatic "feel" to it, so it sounded rather like a very good dynamic or planar headphone.
    Maybe that is even desirable for some. I tried some amps with the 009S and always had either not enough bass or not enough treble, so you might really have to hear them on a KGSSHV or BHSE, which I want to do next.
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  7. bagwell359
    Shangri La- seemed overpriced. I thought the Voce routed it in almost every way, although I love the Jr. amp for the Voce. I think the high end Stax problem has been the same for 30 years. Detail, detail, detail - its my religion, it's all there is. Yet, there is an ineffable quality to music, in the shadows - and Stax highlight that too. I mean how can anyone say that too much detail is amusical? AllI know is I can relax and let the music come to me fff or ppp and everywhere in between - as music, w/o bias as to what is shown by Voce - in particular in the treble. The Stax highlights details and healps them upon details, and I'm not sure its music anymore, but scratching notches in the gunbelt. In the bass, the Voce moves a lot more air than the Stax, getting nearer to being "bass cans" - although they are not.

    I know the objectavists and Stax fans won't buy that. Well buy this. The Voce is easily the best headphone I've ever heard easily outpacing any of the Stax models I have ever heard - for the main purpose - playing music faithfully.
    Last edited: May 29, 2019
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  8. Whitigir
    Let’s just say Stax has the history of decades and specialized in ElectroStats, the 2 he advised to forget are simply too new at the technology. But then Ofcourse you decide for yourself, give them all a listen, and see how they take you.
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  9. Roukii
    Forget the hifiman,009s will do everything better then the Shangri-La Jr except some kind of spatial soundstage imo.
    btw,the horrible build of hfm is another problem you have to worry about. :deadhorse:
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  10. Whitigir
    Spatial soundstage from Stax and it Dynamic are scaling a whole hell lot with Amplifier. Get it a KG T2, and even HE-1 will shy to compete. Don’t let anyone tell you that BHSE is close to T2....not even close....it is only close if you think Earth and Moon is close
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  11. FangJoker
    Where can one buy a T2?
  12. BreadMaster
    The legendary Unicorn T2 lands once a year.... Good luck with that..
  13. Whitigir
    You may want to contact @georgep and there is also Kerry, but they aren’t cheap. Expect 2X or higher the pricing of BHSE , and that is if you are allowed to get one
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  14. FangJoker

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