Electrostatic headphones "Perun".

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  1. vvar10ck
    Welcome everybody!

    Here they are - a hand-made (D.I.Y.) original electrostatic headphones called "Perun" (by name of pagan Slavic God of thunder and lightning Perun!). They are made of natural materials (ash, alder, lambskin etc.) and sounds very interesting compared to eminent brands.





    They sounds very naturally and driven very easy by any electrostatic amp on the market. Sound is full-bodied and holographic plus wide scene and rich details.


    Some tech specs are:


    Bias Voltage:Stax standart 580V DC to be driven by any level electrostatic amp;

    ​Caps material (on photo): cnc machine​ and hand crafted ash;

    Pads material: genuine original lamb skin (direct skin contact) and suede (internal damping of headphone cavity);

    Cable: Low capacity wide format, PC-OCC or Silver-coated 6N OFC parallel 6-strand, low-capacity special wide cable, 2.5m full length;

    Questions welcome!
  2. musicday
    Price and availability?
  3. vvar10ck
  4. vvar10ck
  5. vvar10ck
    So as I said Perun headphones are very:
    1. Easy to drive by standart electrostatic amplifier (or driver) with 580V bias.
    2. Easy to wear - it fits perfectly at almost any head and it's weight is only 400 gramms
    3. They have very wide soundstage - a multi-level positioning of sound sources are understanding clearly
    4. They have very deep and assembled bass especially among electrostatic headphones family

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