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Electric shocks using IEMs

  1. Prosny
    Hi everyone, lately I’ve noticed that whenever I use metal bodied IEMs (like the latest Xiaomi Hybrids and KZ ZSA) attached to a device that doesn’t run solely on batteries, I feel pain in my ears from what I believe are tiny electric shocks. This doesn’t happen with any of my full sized headphones nor plastic bodied IEMs. For example, as long as my iPad runs on battery I’m fine, but the moment I link it to the charger the tiny shocks occur (and here comes the surprise: I thought the battery acted as a “stabilizer”, but I guess I was wrong (oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time). And since my Schiit stack runs from my mains, the same exact thing happens).

    Have you guys got any explanation for this phenomenon? I actually am a bit worried about it, since it surely can’t be good for my ear canals. And if it was due to an instability in my main power (the house is very old), what could be a solution?
  2. Quasimodosbelfry
    I've had appliances like my Macbook Pro, my iPhones and iPads carry a slight current when they're connected to the mains through a charger with no grounding. It feels like a slight tingling on my fingertips or on my bare lap and is very uncomfortable. That's why I always use a charger with grounding.

    Like in the case of the MBP charger, the small mains plug isn't grounded but the longer cable is. Hence I NEVER use the small plug.

    Our sockets in Singapore all come three-pronged with a central ground (UK style) and that always solved the problem. I'm not sure how you'd deal with it in the US with only 2 prongs on your plugs.

    I personally would suggest you have an electrician come over and look over your wiring and have him connect some of your mains to the ground through some kind of grounding rod or even your pipes.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
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  3. Prosny
    Thank you for the help. I guess I'll have to get this sorted somehow, since it is really annoying.
  4. Quasimodosbelfry
    All the best!
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