'Electioneering' should have been cut.
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trains are bad

Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 31, 2005
I think it's out of place, and the weakest song on OK Computer. It should go right from Fitter Happier to Climbing up the Walls. Anyone else agree at all?

I've actually considered editing my FLAC version to remove it. It's like Money on DSOTM. Great song, but...
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very much disagree. i think it's a great song. should check out an early version of it that they play at pinkpop 96.
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Nope, good song... what's wrong with it?
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I'm gonna jump on the "disagree" bandwagon. The album wouldnt transition well without it.
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Yeah, I disagree too. A lot of people think Electioneering is weak, but I've always thought it fits perfectly into the album.
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I think electioneering is one of the better songs on the album. Filter Happier is obviously one where I hit the fast-forward button. It may help advance the album thematically, but it's not pleasant to listen to. If a song were to be cut, I'd want that to be it.

You should make this a poll. Let people choose the weakest link in the album.
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Out of place?, not sure what you mean here...
and then the Money thing? not sure what you mean here either.
Are you referring to what you have perceived as lack of continuity?
These songs IMO were put where they are purposefully and strategically to break up the flow of the album and ultimately hit you with something you may have not suspected.

IMO, kinda adds to the genius of each album rather than take away...
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No way, don't touch it! I think Ok Computer is nearly perfect the way it is. For me, it was the best album to emerge in the '90s. I really wouldn't change a thing.
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I think it fits in well with the album. Gives it some energy where it would become borrowing without it.

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Nah, that album is perfect as it is. My favourite.

OT: Hey NotoriousBIG_PJ, what did you think of CV going off for 48 pts tonight? Wow.
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I wasn't sure I liked it for a while, but then one day I woke up with it stuck on replay in my head... ever since I've been down with it.
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I've started to actually rate my songs on iTunes (trying to slim down the library: anything below 3 stars gets deleted, and then only 5 star and new stuff on the iPod). Electioneering is the only song on the album I've given 4 stars to. However, this is only in relation to the rest of the album. Compared to most other artists, it's still a great song.

Depending on the mood, this is a contender for best album of the 90's IMHO. There is a few others that I place in the "amazing" category also.

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