EL-8 Open Back LIKE NEW - Fees included CONUS
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Jun 7, 2014
If you're interested, send me an offer! Lets make a deal
Got this in a trade recently with another member here. After a few days with it I've decided it just isn't for me. 
Bass on these is SUPER tight and fast but still has slam, is really impressive. But the slight recession in the treble region reminds me a LOT of the HD650, which are some of my least favorite headphones ever. So in the end I think these have to go and I'll continue moving up the Hifiman ladder instead.

Will consider trading UP, obviously I'll add cash as necessary. The only headphones I can think of I'd want near this price range are grados. Feel free to send me an offer. The main thing I'd probably be looking for is HE6, RS1 (depends on version), MAYBE GS/PS 1ks, POSSIBLY LCD2.2 (Rosewood only) or LCD3F depending on price.
Also will consider trading for other audio gear... high end CD players/transport, turntables, possibly headphone amps (tube) or bookshelf speakers. 

This thing is immaculate. He ordered them open box and they were defective so a BRAND NEW pair was sent out. Not many hours on these, all packaging included. Audeze CoA is marked from March 23. Full original packaging intact, looks brand new. Cable doesn't seem to have any connection looseness like some report.
Price includes CONUS fees for pp & ship via USPS.
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