Effortless Natural transparency : the final audio design A8000
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Mar 14, 2012
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I would like to thank final audio design for sending me a review sample for the flagship single dynamic driver called the A8000 . What makes this iem so special you might say?. Could it be the true berrylium foil driver or the stainless steel housing with tetra champer that affect different part of the sound. Or the sound tuning philosophy for totl natural transparency.

In my review I'll do my best to describe this breakthrough in audio Nirvana and why it might matter to the true lover of music such as I and you.

I was sent a8k for short as well as the b1 which I post in a separate review soon for review and to give my honest opinion and if I didn't like them I didn't need to write the review . But to me this iem definitely deserve a big A+ review as it had changed my prescription on transparency..

Lest start with fit , for my ears it fits like a glove and the isolation is like the semi custom for me . I'm using the xs size of the fad e type tips.

Build quality is high end with it's repairable housing that you can take apart and replace if it gets damaged which is a good thing for some people. The housing does get dirty easily because of the mirror polish .

Let's get to the main reason why we need the A8K.


She is deep and fluid like air , clear and transparent and pure . She can hit you by force like a tornado, deadly and visceral impact and clean and fast. She can also be gentle in an instant like touching you gentle with the warmth of a motherly love.

The holographic sound and imagining is top , warmth is coveyed and real with all tones never smearing with other . Vocal sound like the should no recession or boosting , it's just in perfect harmony right in the middle of your head and can shoot out to the furthest of space and time. It can shoot up to the sky and dig deep to a never-ending abyss .


She is fast and gentle at the same time just like air , clear and transparent while be natural and real and never hurt you one bit. She extends far and wide and deep and high . She touches you soft with light textures that can tickle your follicle.


Like a concert in an massive open field where you are in the center with the band and everyone is surrounding you and dancing and yelling. But they can't really hurt you ears because it's so natural and open so no sound can bounce off.


Do you need it , fo you want it . I would say yes and yes to both of the question because ithis tool will take your music appreciation to the top and you can never be sad . It'll cause estasy , eargasm , emotions , feels the joy and dancing to whatever you enjoy. Every genre is play in pristine clarity and naturalness. You can never be bored with this iem because whatever you have heard 1000s of times over will be heard brand new ad if you have heard them for the first time in you life . The awe and ooooos of life will come and you'll be content. And letting it go will be devastating for me .
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