Effect of source on AudioEngine A5
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Jul 29, 2008
Got my AudioEngine A5 speakers yeterday. I was dying to listen to them so I quickly used my old iPod Nano as a source. Hmmm.......the sound is not all that is was hyped up to be
. I was very disappointed, even depressed.

Today, I hooked the A5 to my PC with a Sound Blaster Live Value. Wow! The difference is amazing and easily noticeable. The music sounded so much better and I watched some parts of Fellowship of the rings - I heard sounds that I dont remember hearing even after 5-6 seeings. These are not too bad for movies too!

Of course, from what I hear around here, Live Value is still not that great a source, so I have ordered a EMU 0202 USB which should come early next week. So my questions :

1. Is the difference really suppossed to be there between IPod and Live value as source?

2. I am hoping that the difference in sound will be as much as from iPod-->Live? Am I correct? Will there really be a differnece when using EMU 0202 versus Live Value?

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1. The difference is more likely in the music source. If your Nano has 128kbps mp3 files and your computer was running a CD or DVD, there's your difference. Also, if you came out of the headphone jack on the Nano and not the line out, that would be a drawback for the iPod.

2. Again, it depends upon what you run through the EMU. If you use lossless files from your computer, it will sound significantly better than either the Nano or the sound card.
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1. No, the exact same files were playing, but the difference was certainly there. Also, my Nano only has a headphone out jack and charger port - is this charger port the 'line out' that you mention?

2. Hmm.
Any more opinions?

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