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Effect Audio Horus 2-pin 2.5mm

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  1. akared
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Hello Head-fiers,

    For sale is a barely-used 4-wire Effect Audio Horus. I purchased this cable after demo-ing it at a Canjam but I ended up not having a DAP with 2.5 balanced output to use it with -- the cable has been sitting and I should let it go to someone who will get to use it. Asking $1200 including shipping within the United States and Paypal fee. I'm happy to ship it outside of the states with additional asking price.
    47339351_329498214448393_6097697548397445120_n.jpg 47391788_559577351136572_4158505426113003520_n.jpg 47398103_2260260643992185_5059090253390807040_n.jpg 47682218_313304052846161_5884699563159191552_n.jpg

  2. akared

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