Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. PinkyPowers
    The Effect Audio Leonidas Black Edition
    Goes on sale December 25th through January 6th

    Leo 01.jpg

    The Leonidas Black Edition sells for $899 at www.EffectAudio.com

    Eric Chong asked me if I could post this for him, since he's busy with unspeakable terrors and queer delights for the next week. Apparently, there's a new limited run cable everyone should jump on. Here's the deets!

    Limited to 30 pieces worldwide, while supplies last. (Shipping Internationally!)
    Purchase grants entry to Effect Audio VIP Black Club.
    Invoke your EA Black Club membership to enjoy perks and differentiation off your future purchases with designer EA BLACK only parts and services.
    Gains access to Insider Group Chat: Direct communication channel to EA Management Team & exclusive EDM updates.

    EA Ferrite Guard
    PSquared Superior Terminations
    Custom made-to-order cable materials
    Individually isolated enamel strands
    Multi bundles Litz woven
    Golden ratio of Ultra Purity Gold Silver Hybrid
    Mundorf Supreme Gold Solder
    Reworked insulation
    Customized exquisite case

    Leo 02.jpg

    Looks sexy as hell. I want one!
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2017
  2. Wyville
    Oh my... That looks so beautiful! :astonished:

    Me like! :D
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  3. Deezel177
    All that black would match your AK70 really well... :wink:
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  4. Wyville
    Yeah, I think it would indeed! :D Just have to remind myself that Lionheart is on its way to London and might be waiting for me when I get back from my holiday. (Until then the Saturn will keep me happy. :ksc75smile: )
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  5. doctorjazz
    Didn't see anything when I went to the site specific (cost, etc). I suspect it is more than I can spend on it anyway...
  6. moneypls
    Check on EA FB page and you will find the price
  7. hattrick15
    I've looked at the EA Facebook page and, while I see a post from 16 hours ago, there is no price listed. Also, still don't see it on their website either.

    I'm based in the US, so maybe my IP address is taking me to a different page then you.

    Can you list the price you see?
  8. Karendar
    So, did I win a free cable yet? :p
  9. CalvinW
    It’s $899 USD
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  10. kubig123
    Contact them by email.

  11. PinkyPowers
    lol. At least I did my part and got it up in time on Head-Fi. Eric will have to b1tch slap whoever runs the EA website. :D
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  12. kubig123
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  13. jessnie
    I don't know if it's just me, but their website is really slow to load from the U.S. and I also have problem browsing any product specific page through my iphone (it keeps crushing and reloading)...
  14. chaiyuta
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  15. kubig123
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