Effect Audio cables thread

  1. vilhelm44
    Thanks :)
  2. blazinblazin
    I am using the WM1A Andro combo.
    So far i am using Leonidas it does gives bass rumble and retain the mids and highs or even better highs. Its smooth but impactful and detailed.

    I have not tried Lionheart though. As a copper base "probably" gives you more rumbles than Leonidas. But from what i "read" it is tuned to have better highs in a Copper cable.

    Leonidas is $200 more while Lionheart which is $100 lesser fits your budget better.

    But it is still better if you can give both a try.
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  3. vilhelm44

    Thanks for the reply. Being in the UK, it's not easy to demo things unfortunately. I quite liked the sound of the Eros II Plus, so I ordered that. I nearly ordered Lionheart but it's on pre-order at the moment.
  4. Wyville
    I know what you mean and I was very glad I could borrow the Ares II recently to not only hear the difference, but get a feel for the cable as well (weight, build quality, ergonomics, etc). But happily Effect Audio is starting to get a foothold in the UK! (Just as I am looking to leave. :disappointed: )

    Also, if you want to talk "cable", be sure to contact Eric, @EffectAudio . He is a great guy to talk with and can give more insight into what cables matches well with specific IEMs. Just send him a PM or email.
  5. vilhelm44

    yeah, it's tough when you can't demo anything, it's always a leap of faith with any audio gear. I've been lucky a lot with advice from the forum, that's always steered me in the right direction. I'll drop Eric a message.
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  6. Wyville
    Perhaps interesting for you as well... I just saw this morning on their Facebook page that Effect Audio recently announced Hifiheadphones as their new UK dealer. I have already been talking to @Oscar-HiFi about the process of ordering the Ares II. :D
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  7. vilhelm44
    That's good news! Did Oscar give you an idea when they would be available for purchase? What did you think of the Aries II?
  8. Oscar-HiFi
    Hi, as we have only just taken them on we are finding out the specifics from Eric @EffectAudio due to custom orders etc....

    Feel free to send a message and I'll update you when we have the details
  9. vilhelm44
    Hi Oscar, thanks for the message. I'll drop you a line :)
  10. Wyville
    You can check my review of the Ares II here if you want, but in short I found it to be a perfect match for my Custom Art Ei.3, which are smoother and more organic. I was really impressed by the improvements in the upper-mids and treble, which improved a relatively weak area of the Ei.3 without hurting the smooth and engaging signature. Bass response was also improved with more depth and detail. I found the build quality and the ergonomics of the cable to be excellent.

    Do note that the ones I reviewed were the Ares II and those are (from what I understand) a bit brighter than the Ares II+, which I understand are more organic, but Eric will be able to explain the difference far better.
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  11. vilhelm44
    That was a really good review! I'm guessing as it enhances treble it might not be a good idea to pair it with the Andromeda. I have actually ordered the Eros II plus and waiting to hear back from Eric regarding shipping.
  12. Wyville
    That could well be a great choice. If I remember correctly the Ref 8 is also a copper/silver hybrid. I am really quite curious about the Eros II and II+, but I expect it will be a while before I get a chance to hear them, unless I can attent the upcoming Indulgence show here in London (fingers crossed).
  13. vilhelm44
    I have the Ref 8 cable already with 4.4 plug and it's very good from sound point of view, albeit quite noisy. I've just had to send it in for repair though as the connection was loose at the top of the plug.
  14. EffectAudio
    Sorry guys i have been away for a little bit as i've been tied to the sick bed since last friday..Just resumed office today, catching up on all the emails and messages. I'll get to you guys soon! Apologies for the lack of response and slow replies.

    And yes, we're happy to partner up with Hifiheadphones. Please do visit them at the Indulgence Show as our full range of IEM cables would be up for display!

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  15. Wyville
    Take it easy Eric, health comes first!

    Really glad to be able to buy through Hifiheadphones now and my puppy bribe worked a treat! :D

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