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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. marcusd
  2. Wes S
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  3. Hana Yu
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  4. marcusd
    Thank you very much for your kind words, I am humbled :)
  5. CANiSLAYu
    Does anyone on the Vogue review tour have the EA Origin? Curious if the Virtuoso is a worthwhile upgrade for Origin owners.
  6. edwardsean
    The new Vogue series looks spectacular.

    I love that it features some of the newest advances in cable geometry, even refining multisized stranding to three different sizes. It is interesting to see how EA experiments with new techniques in their more cost effective lines. This way consumers can reap the benefits of design while avoiding the premium price tag of pricier materials.

    Okay, I love it, but I am jealous.

    I adore my Horus, but I can’t help waiting for a new Hall of Fame offering incorporating EA’s latest build tech: triple sizing, golden ratio, litz bundles, and whatever else is being cooked up in top secret labs. I’m dying to hear an EA cable using the design elements they’ve explored in the past 2-3 years in a price-no-object flagship.

    Horus was the god of the sun, and I can’t wait to hear what happens when EA shoots for the stars, ad astra.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
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  7. jerick70
    Hi Pauline, I want to join the Vogue tour. PM me and I'll give you all of my info.
  8. NovaFlyer
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  9. rr12267
    Hello Pauline, if it’s not too late I would like to join the Vogue tour.
  10. OldDude04
    Hi Pauline, I would also like to join the Vogue tour if spots are still available.
  11. Paul Zhang
    Effect Audio Stay updated on Effect Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/effectaudiosg/ https://twitter.com/EffectAudio https://www.instagram.com/effectaudio/ http://www.effectaudio.com/ info@effectaudio.com
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  12. Levanter
    I would like to join the Vogue tour too!
  13. Hana Yu
    A big THANK-YOU to all of you who have signed up to join the Vogue tour!
    Sign up is now closed.

    I wish I could be more eloquent than this but words fail me.
    Therefore, I let the pictures do the talking.

    After your review is published, you will receive an exclusive, personalised gift from EA:


    Yes, an EA bracelet version Vogue.
    It will be customised according to the size of your wrist, crafted with the same material as Maestro and magnetic clasps that hook the two ends together.
    On one of the clasps (where the EA logo is located), you can choose to have your personalised initials engraved.

    3.jpg 2.jpg

    The EA bracelet is not for sale.
    It is a token of our gratitude, a bond that connects us to you.

    Once you receive an email confirming the shipment of your demo, please take a measure of your wrist and PM me your size and letters for the engraving.

    Thank you all again for your support.

  14. Medikill
    That's really cool of you guys,

    Not only do we get to test out the cables for free, but to also give us such a nice gift!

    Very excited to get the cables to review!!
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  15. Vitor Valeri
    Very cool! I was happy to have the opportunity to review the cables. Now I'm vibrating! I've always wanted these bracelets! (I've seen in some posts here or on facebook of some people who got it for some special reason)
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