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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. jcdreamer
    You sir are steering me towards poverty.
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  2. twister6 Contributor
    You know, poverty could be temporarily avoided (or at least delayed for now :D) if you look at EA's new Vogue series Maestro (pure copper, $99), Virtuoso (SPC, $149), or Grandioso (hybrid copper/silver, $199).

    Looking forward to all 3 arriving next week for review :wink:
  3. NovaFlyer
    Listened to them at CanJam SoCal and thought all three were fantastic. My favorite was the Grandioso, paired with EE Phantoms and a SPK1M.
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  4. paul_uk_81
    Anyone with the Eros and Fourte’s- I’m considering picking up the cable, how flexible is the cable for use while out and about walking? Does it fit inside the 64 Audio case coiled around the insert or do you have to store separately?
  5. Paul Zhang

    Hey Paul, regarding about flexibility of the cable, I believe most headfier can agree with me that "Effect Audio"cables has one of the best ergonomics. All of our our cables are designed with user comfort in mind, therefore I believe you do not have to worry about walking and storage issues. I hope this will help you decide!
    Effect Audio Stay updated on Effect Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/effectaudiosg/ https://twitter.com/EffectAudio http://www.effectaudio.com/ eric@effectaudio.com
  6. Tristy
    Has anyone tried the effect audio Leonidas II or Cleopatra with the solaris and can provide some info on what is the best pairing? Im currently using the Lionheart and although I love what it does for instruments and vocals I feel that its missing that separation and clarity that only a Silver based cable can provide. As far as I've read / gathered the Leonidas is a very good neutral cable that keeps the tuning of an iem intact while not changing too much but adding detail, clarity and is primarily focused on making the soundstage more holographic whereas the Cleopatra is more for adding a sub bass bump while pushing the mids back slightly and giving the signature a slight v-shape while upping clarity? atm I'm leaning towards the Cleopatra for the sub bass bump and silvery treble.
  7. KickAssChewGum
    I have extensively tested all the Effect Audio range with the Solaris and by far the best pairing is the Janus Dynamic.
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  8. Tristy
    Janus D is a little out of my price range. As it employs many of the materials found in the Leonidas II I take it that the Leo would be best suited to the Solaris over the cleopatra?
  9. edwardsean
    Has anyone compared the Cleopatra to the Horus?

    They both feature multi sized stranding, but Cleo also adds golden ratio dispersed bundles. From the descriptions they seem to share a similar preference for greater clarity among the EA line, while retaining the smooth and detailed signature of the house sound.

    If you've heard both, can you describe the differences? I take it that Cleo has more sub bass rumble.
  10. freddychin
    As far as I am concern,

    My understanding is more of "matching and integration" with your ciem/iem.

    In the final outcome is that sound signature that you want to hear.

    that is the most important

  11. dakchi
    I have a Solaris and wondering if Maestro cable at 99$ would be a good choice if I want to elevate the bass a bit compared to stock cable without losing much details. Any idea?
  12. paul_uk_81
    Earlier in this thread I asked about the ergonomics of the Eros II, and whether it would fit inside the 64 Audio case- cable arrived the other day and it fits great. The cable does have great flexibility, very happy with it, perfect for use moving around on my day to day!
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  13. edwardsean
    Horus and Cleo: gods and queens (Horus—pt. 3)

    I thought I was done with my search for the perfect cable when I found the Horus. At the time, Cleopatra had largely flown underneath my radar because it was so new. The impressions I’ve read since intrigued me by their similarity to the way I hear the Horus. Cleo is also described as more clear than Leo II but still smooth and full bodied. The Horus is EA‘S flagship, but Cleo being newer, has some theoretical advantages. It has the multi-sized stranding of the Horus but deploys it in golden ratio dispersed bundles like the Leo. Also, unlike either the Horus or Leo it’s pure silver without plating. It seems old biases about the superiority of pure silver were hard to shake off entirely.

    Of course the only way to find out if the Cleo really suited me better was to try it out for myself. Here again Musicteck’s generous audition policy was indispensable and I ordered one. (I have no affiliation with Musicteck whatsoever. I owe them nothing, but gratitude. https://shop.musicteck.com/). I thought if I actually did like the Cleo better I could always sell the Horus. I would lose a few hundred dollars, but I would also recoup a few hundred dollars given the price difference of about $1000. More likely I thought it would be a case of diminishing returns where the Horus is better, but by, say, less than 10%. We’ve all come up against this law of audiophilia as we reach for the performance ceiling, and I’ve paid as much for this small a gain in the past. The brutal fact is that at upper levels of sound incremental gains are radically disproportional to cost. I was prepared for it.

    The thing is, this is not the case with the Horus and the Cleo. The Horus justifies its cost and “hall of fame” status.

    The best I could reckon by reading was that the clear advantage of the Horus was in the soundstage, and it’s true. The Horus is deeper, wider, more open, more layered, and more dimensional. It Is also more organized and refined than the Cleo, but that is not the main story for me.

    It is again about the purity of presentation utterly unique to the Horus.

    Starting from the midrange: unlike the Horus, the Cleo (and Leo) has a certain thickness which suspends the notes in its mid presence like a colloid. I’m not saying that the Horus is thinner in the midrange. I’m saying that the Horus has no midrange. The mid-band is just... gone. Notes appear from empty space de novo fully fleshed with sonic sinews flexing. The Horus is both fuller and more transparent. The exact same is true for the trebles which are sheer transient detail floating free of any glaring brightness. The bass repeats the theme like a pristinely executed subwoofer decoupled from bloating room resonances.

    If I try to capture what I’m hearing in an analogy from video, it is like the difference between LCD and OLED. LCD is transmissive, so there is a backlight shining behind the pixels. No matter how refined the technology gets it struggles with bloom and bleed from the independent illumination. OLED is emissive, the light comes organically from each pixel and that pixel alone. This is the Horus. The music no longer feels like a product of electrical amplification. Miraculously, the strings, percussion, and voices seem to generate their own energy like living sources without the artefacts of artificial excitation.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t offer that Cleopatra is wonderful in its own royal right, but like others cables, she is mere mortal. Horus mesmerizes with the magic of a mythological god. I know that the Cleo is already pretty pricey at 700, is the Horus really worth almost 2.5 times that?

    Yes. Yes it is.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
  14. dakchi
    Anyone experiencing issues to register in Effect Audio website. I wanted to register to place an order, but I don't receive verification email to complete my registration. I tried with 2 different emails
  15. HippyChick
    Registration didn't work for me either but the order went through fine (I think I gave up and checked out as guest). I received confirmation the next day and the item was shipped/received as normal.
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