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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. XP_98
    What makes you sure ?

    Then, what would be an upgrade over Ares II ?
  2. flinkenick
    Hey buddy among others the Phantom, but not the Legend-X (in case that's the next question).
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  3. fiascogarcia
    EA makes only an Ares II, and an Ares II+, which is made of a significantly thicker gauge wire. This thread covers a lot of different EA cables, with numerous opinions about the characteristics that each cable brings to the sound of your iems. The question of upgrade is dependent upon what small improvement or tweak you would like to experience in the sound of your iem, so it's difficult to recommend what would be an upgrade for you personally. Contributors to this thread have covered a lot of the EA cables and described them very well, so reading through this should give you a pretty good idea what you might like. The Ares II is EA's lowest price cable, but it's a great cable to be sending as stock with an EE purchase. IMO
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  4. ctaxxxx
    It says it's an Ares II on the product page...

    Last edited: Jun 25, 2018
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  5. Bosk
    I took delivery of a bespoke Ares II 8 wire with PSQUARE plug yesterday (being unable to resist the temptation from all the reviews that have popped up lately) and will lend my impressions after having more time to grow acquainted with it properly. My initial thoughts are extremely positive, ergonomics are surprisingly good and sonically it lives up to the hype no question. Such is the nature of the hobby I'm now dangerously contemplating how much different or better the Thor II 8 wire must be.....its funny how spending US$800 on an earphone cable would've seemed crazy once.
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  6. San Man
    I figured so boss, but I had to double check :)
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  7. Shecky504
    Well, the beasts arrived today. A Thor Silver II 8-wire bespoke cable with 2.5mm PSquared termination and a Thor Silver II 8-wire pigtail 2.5mm to 4.4mm Pentaconn adapter. They are truly breathtaking with my Legend X and DX200, transports you to another world :)


    *that's a reinforcement on the end of the 4.4mm adapter to work with the DX200 AMP4 module
  8. CalvinW
    Where did you get the reinforcement? I’m having issues with my 4.4mm pentaconn and DX200 amp4. I have to move it around or I would only get sound in the right ear
  9. Shecky504
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  10. Blommen
    Wow, congrats with that! Let us know how you like it.

    I have myself just put in an order of the same exact cable but with 4.4mm termination, really looking forward to it!
  11. zgundam
    Get the Janus D with your Legend X. I swapped my Legend X + Leonidas with a Janus D and love the pairing. (TheLeonidas is now paired with my Tia Fourte + AET08 eartips)
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  12. XP_98
    I asked EA about price for Ares II 8 braid.
    But I continued reading reviews ( on devil's invitation...), and now I'm also wondering how the Lionheart or even the Leonidas would pair with the Zeus XRA...
    They all have wunderful reviews...
    Worth the big extra money, above my price range? Would I loose warmth and musicality as it's not - as recommended with Zeus - copper ?
    Another cable to recommend (over 300 USD and maybe over 500 usd, as my poor soul is lost...) ?
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  13. fiascogarcia
    If it were me, I would stay within my budget range. For starters, the Ares II is a great cable and matches very well with more neutral iems particularly. Secondly, one issue we mostly all deal with is the fact that there will always be a more expensive alternative than what we are currently using, and we have to wrestle with the question of how much better it is than what we have. IMO, with cables the law of diminishing returns is pretty prevalent, and improved sq comes in small degrees (compared to other components in your chain). That's why I really try to stay within my mental budget rather than experience buyers remorse after spending way more than I wanted to. That's just me and my two cents!

    ps - another great alternative is to be patient and follow the classifieds for great cables at discounted prices.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
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  14. aaf evo
    Leonidas sold. I’ll use my Ares II w my KX for now. Janus D up next? Thoughts/recommendations?
  15. San Man
    As soon as my 1a returns, I can give you some insight, however it's still in Singapore :frowning2:
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