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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. tim0chan
    true.... let's see it done then xD
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  2. Blommen
    Depending on the answer I'll order up a 10-wire Ares II. For science!
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  3. kubig123
    If you have to, do 12, don’t stop at 10!!!
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  4. aaf evo
    If anyone is looking for a 2.5mm 2 pin leonidas I just posted mine in classifieds. Depending on whether or not this sells I’ll be upgrading to a Janus for my LX. Not sure if B or D though.
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  5. EffectAudio
    Interesting idea.

    However, we currently do not offer them in more than 8 wire braids. There was a time during the pilot days of Effect Audio that we selectively do offer 16wire braids but that's incredibly difficult to work with and the braiding alone will take more than half a day's time. In current production setting, it would be impossible to offer such service unless we were to severely impact on our delivery lead time.

    In the future perhaps as the company scales further, it's definitely possible to offer such options.

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  6. tim0chan
    so it can be done but it wouldnt be economically sound?
  7. fiascogarcia
    I would love to see a picture of a 16 braid cable if you have one in the archives. I can't even imagine the looks of one!
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  8. PinkyPowers
    plusSound makes them. I'm sure if you do a Google you'll see some fine examples. They are impressive looking, but I'd only accept the ergonomics on a sturdy full-size headphone.
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  9. fiascogarcia
    Thanks! They are pretty crazy good looking, but obviously full size headphone only! You'd just about have to glue an iem in your ear if you could solve the problem of coming up with a connector that was half the size of the iem.:ksc75smile:
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  10. ctaxxxx
    What is the usual turn around time for a Bespoke request? I submitted one a few days ago for an Ares II 8 wire, but with the new carbon fiber Pentaconn plug. No response yet.

    This is tempting, since it's all ready for shipment, but I much prefer the new plug.
  11. CalvinW
    Had some issue with a connector arriving bent, but props to Eric for helping me promptly. Also, for those looking to get the 4.4mm Pentaconn, it is a match made in heaven with the new Y-split.

    Photo 2018-06-22, 5 36 48 PM.jpg
  12. flinkenick
    Some brief impressions of the Janus D. Janus might be copper-based, it strays from a typical copper sound due to the reproduction of its bass. Janus offers slight improvement in bottom-end extension, with a relatively neutral mid-bass. The mid-bass quantity is not necessarily laid-back, but it is a particularly tight bass compared to an Ares II for instance, due to a quicker decay. As a result, it controls the warm air, providing an especially airy stage, which opens up its dimensions - Janus offers a bit more spacious stage than Horus for instance. One of Janus key points is therefore its stage and separation. However, the tone of the midrange is not particularly warm; Janus only has a slightly warm midrange, but mostly sounds relatively flat. So, Janus leans towards a more technical sound, yet without sounding bright. The lower treble is articulated, but not bright in tone, nor is its upper treble is elevated. Therefore, Janus neither classifies as 'bright' or 'warm' altogether, but can be considered a sort of reference sound focusing on stage and resolution, but with a slightly warmer tilt.
  13. azabu
    Nice impressions Nick. Would love your impressions on the Basso version, which I preferred and found to flesh out the Noble Encores and Sony ex1000s with 2 pin adapters.
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  14. yukiorui
    Having now tried the Janus D and the Leonidas, could you comment on which in your opinion pairs better with the Empire Ears Phantom?
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
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  15. flinkenick
    Well you know better is always difficult, since it is a subjective term that depends on preference. Leonidas and Janus (and Horus) all have their own advantages. Leonidas has slightly more density in its midrange, and a different type of bass. From memory, I might prefer the vocal reconstruction on Leonidas, as they are just slightly more bodied. Janus has a neutral vocal presentation in terms of size and stage position. There is neither warmth or additional thickness from the bass, which allows it to excels by combining a neutral note size with a clean and spacious stage. So if you prefer stage and separation, Janus will be better. It will offer a more effortless presentation of detail, without resorting to a brighter tone. Leonidas has a slightly more forward vocal presentation, and perhaps more impactful bass. I will take a listen at Leonidas and Janus B from the store and incorporate that in the review.
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