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Effect Audio cables thread

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  1. proedros
    since someone mentioned something at another thread , i want to ask something about EA cables

    is there a correct way into inserting the cable into your ciems ?

    someone said that the EA logo should face outwards when inserted (not looking the ears)

    is this true , does it make any difference into channel balance/sound ?
  2. Deezel177
    No matter the manufacturer, if your cable was soldered correctly, the groove or indent on the black portion of the 2-pin connector should always face outward. The cables are marked "L" and "R" for a reason. Some suggest that a cable plugged in backwards (or in reverse polarity) will deteriorate soundstage accuracy, imaging precision, etc. I personally haven't attempted this, so I can't confirm.
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  3. proedros
    Hey daniel my man , thanx again

    my cable does not have a L/R indication (the eos cable) so i should plug them so that the EA logo (which is present on them) face outwards then ?
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  4. LCeh
    That's odd, there should at least be some indication. Not even a blue or red dot? If there is, the blue is left, red is right
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  5. kubig123
    The last couple of cables I bought from EA they had the R/L indication on the connectors (opposite to the logo, facing inside) when I got the Phantom and LX from EE, a month ago, I was surprised that the 2 cables did have the indicators.
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  6. Deezel177
    In that case, just make sure the groove on the black plastic (as illustrated on the Empire Ears thread) is facing outwards. Usually with Effect Audio cables, the groove is aligned with the logo, so yes, the logo should face outwards with your Eos.
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  7. twister6 Contributor
    Exactly!!! Groove should be facing outwards on both sides, to be consistent, especially when you have a balanced terminated cable. If you are going to have one side facing in and the other side facing out (common mistake with cables where there is no pre-shaped earhook), you will end up with a nasty phasing effect which ruins the imaging and tonality. Also, you can always double check by using balance fader of your DAP, slide it from left to right just to be sure the sides are wired correctly.
  8. Vitor Valeri
    Choose the EA Carbon Fiber Mini. It is much better!
  9. San Man
    The term we used to use was "Out of phase," don't know about now. As you said, as long as the orientation of the grooves match on both sides then it shouldn't matter which way the groove faces, other than the strain relief being backwards (if there is such on the cable).
  10. Imusicman
    Very enjoyable and informative read. Thanks
  11. twister6 Contributor
    Yes, I use "phasing" as a short hand for "out of phase" :wink: Not to be confused with phaser, chorus, flanger, delay, reverb effects used in music production :D
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  12. Imusicman
    So excited for this years London canJam. I can't wait to demo all the different cables to see which one I prefer with my Phantoms.

    Could be an expensive show for me this year lol :L3000:
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  13. CalvinW
    This is getting quite absurd. I sent a cable back to EA for repair under warranty and shipping took around 8 business days. But when they sent it back, it's been over 5 weeks and I still haven't received it yet.
  14. ctaxxxx
    Has your tracking info updated at all? I'm also waiting on a cable from them and the tracking stopped once it reached the US. It's been a week since then...
  15. CalvinW
    Same issue with me. The tracking stopped once it reached Canada. It's been over 2 weeks since that update.
    Singapore Post says that it has arrived at destination country, but when I tried calling Canada Post, they said they didn't receive it yet.
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