EF2A problems. Need suggestions!
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Jan 25, 2009
Okay, the HifiMan EF2A has no physical problems. The only problem is that I just bought a Marrantz CD5003 CD player and the EF2As volume knob is TOO sensitive and there is a channel imbalance... So... Even though the volume knob has, lets say, 10 cm of rotational roll and because the Marrantz's output is quite strong, I'm stuck with just 1cm of roll. With that 1cm of roll, the volume jumps from barely audible to ear deafening volumes... And to make matters worse, with that little rotational roll on the volume knob, there is a Left and Right channel imbalance... So, the store I bought it from agreed to give me instore credit for the EF2A ($200 CAD) to buy another amp. I was looking at the EF5 from Hifiman or the Bellari HA540. My headphones are the Senn HD-25-ii, Vintage AKG K141 (600ohm), Grado SR225i, Etymotic ER-4S, Audeo PFE232, and my very low impedance and high sensitivity UM SCL3X customs. And also will be getting an AKG Q701 in the coming month... What would be a better match for me in terms of headphone & IEM variety, source matching, and a volume knob with enough power level separation (Both the EF5 and HA540 has a high and low gain switch)? Thanks!

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