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Educate me pls :) ha

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by blaalad12, Feb 17, 2015.
  1. Blaalad12
    Hey guys. Looking to be educated here haha I Have an Aune t1 which i wanted to hook ip to my tv but my tv only had an optical output and headphone out and the aune t1 only has rca inputs! If it wasn't for this site i would have just bought a headphone to rca cable - connected it to my amp and if i got sound i would of thought.... job done! But thats not what i did. I did some research and was told i needed a Digital to Analogue converter (which i have just ordered along with a toslink cable) Needless to say this has cost me alot more money then a headphone to rca cable would have yet both methods would have worked right? 
    So what is the difference? As you can tell iam pretty clueless but i would like to understand why one method is better then another as oppose to just presuming its better but not knowing why! 
    Ultimately both methods involve the signal being fed to the amp via rca , The difference being that its being output via optical rather then the headphone jack.
    Can someone explain the reasoning for one method over the other please ha 
  2. Blaalad12
    Anyone on?
  3. Blaalad12
    Looking this up and cannot find any explanation at all ha I just hope i didn't blow 60 bucks for nothing if a cheap headphone jack to rca cable would have been just as good :frowning2: 
  4. Mr Rick
    Try it both ways. Then you can decide if you made a wise investment.
  5. Blaalad12
    I already ordered a fiio d03k and an optical cable so not much point in buying a headphone to rca cable now . Iam just curious as to why going this route is better when i could of done things alot cheaper ....... should have tried a headphone to rca first before buying the fiio d03k but oh well! 
  6. Mr Rick
    You can always use your new Fiio and it's USB connection to listen to music from your computer. That might be an improvement.
  7. Blaalad12
    I have an aune t1 for that. The fiio d03k is so i can connect the aune t1 to my tv! The only other option was headphone to RCA 
  8. Blaalad12
    Plus....couldnt i have used something like this? http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Scart-to-RCA-Adapter-switchable-phono-converter-/251393040621?pt=UK_Computing_Sound_Vision_Video_Cables_Adapters&hash=item3a883160ed
    What iam trying to get at, is why is a digital to analog converter recommended when they're is other options?
    The tv had a hdmi arc output also and there is hdmi to rca cables but nobody recommended that! Just trying to understand why i was better off going with a digital to analog converter 
  9. Mr Rick
    The DAC takes an unadulterated digital signal and converts it to an audio signal which you then feed directly into your amplifier. In many cases this provides better SQ than that provided by the audio circuits of your PC or TV.
    That is why I said you could try it both ways and come to your own conclusion.
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  10. Blaalad12
    So if i was to go headphone jack to rca i would likely not get as good a sound quality? or hdmi to rca for that matter!
    Basically by using a dac it ensures i get the best quality???
    I thought there was more to it then that ha 
    Oh well hopefully it was worth the 60 bucks buying the dac and cable ha 

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